Oily Skin Care Can Treat Acne-prone, Shiny, Oily Skin

Oily skin is not only shiny, dull-colored, and coarse, it is also acne-prone, which means that a host of more serious problems can develop: blackheads, whiteheads, enlarged pores, redness, and potential scarring. If your skin is oily or you have combination skin, take control with oily skin care before the trouble escalates. We all want to have beautiful, clear skin.

Causes of Oily Skin

The cause of oily skin is not fully understood, but it is very likely that hereditary and lifestyle choices play a part. As well, those pesky hormone imbalances that occur most often in the teen years and also at menopause are a big part of the problem. Since the skin is the largest organ on the body, it also reflects the state of our general physical and emotional health, and problems on either front will have a negative impact on the skin. Pregnancy and birth control pills, which alter hormonal activity, also affect the oiliness of the skin, as will diet, humidity, and the use of cosmetics.

Skin oil is produced by the sebaceous glands, which are more active in the nose area than anywhere else on the face, and the nose area is also the site of larger pores. If you have combination skin, it means the skin on your face is generally dry or normal, but excessively oily around the nose, often extending down to the chin and up into the forehead. Sebaceous glands are also more active on the chest, back, and upper arms than on other parts of the body. The amount of oil generated by these glands is out of your control and oily skin care simply means coping with the amount of oil produced and the problems it can cause.

Oil is important for moisturizing the skin, and you can take comfort from knowing that oily skin delays wrinkling, age spots, and fine lines, and sebaceous glands become less active as we age. In the meantime, the problem remains that oil clogs the pores of the skin, and the effects are, naturally, the production of blackheads and pimples, as well as enlarged pores and redness. Oily skin care treatments involve taking steps to keep pores from getting clogged and blemishes from appearing.

The Best Diet for Oily Skin

The treatment for oily skin should start internally. This means, take care of your physical and mental health and your skin will benefit. Eat balanced meals, and make sure that you receive the necessary nutrition for good health each day. Forget the starvation diets and the food fads. Normal weight and good health are served best by diets that include daily servings of all the food groups. The B vitamins are especially important for skin health and are found in wheat germ, egg yolk, Brewer's yeast, organ meats, nuts and beans. A lack of vitamin B2 will actually cause oily skin. Reduce the amount of fat, oil, and sugar in your diet, and you will be repaid with fewer skin problems, but that is because your general health will improve. Sebaceous glands operate independent of diet.

Because food grown in nutrient-depleted soil can be depleted of essential vitamins and minerals, it is important to add a supplement or two to your diet. Start with a multivitamin suitable for your age and sex, and then add some extra vitamin A (so that you are consuming about 10,000 IU daily) and the vitamin B complex. Primrose oil (500 milligrams) and flaxseed oil (1,000 milligrams) are both very beneficial for the skin.

Drink lots of water to help flush toxins out of your body with the help of your kidneys and liver rather than leaving it to your skin to bring toxins to the surface and eliminate them through perspiration. "Lots of water" is generally defined as eight glasses a day, and this amount also serves to hydrate your skin properly.

Since stress aggravates skin problems, it is wise to reduce your stress level through meditation or relaxation techniques.

Rosacea, a chronic skin disorder that looks a great deal like acne, will improve if you follow these same health recommendations, and an anti aging diet includes all these elements as well.

Tips for Caring for Oily Skin

Keep oily skin very clean so that pores do not become clogged and cause breakouts. On the other hand, you can have too much of a good thing here, and skin must not be treated too harshly nor washed too often. Chose a mild cleanser that promises to clean without drying, and wash with lukewarm, not hot, water. You can try a mild medicated soap or an antibacterial cleansing lotion. If your skin become dry and taut, it means the outer layer has shrunk and the oil will not be able to flow freely and more pores will clog. Aim for washing your face two or three times a day, and, between cleansings, wipe away excess oil with either an antibacterial astringent or one containing acetone, which dissolves oil. Using a clay or mud mask once a week is another good way to cleanse your skin and combat the oil production. Be gentle. A facial sauna with lemongrass, licorice root, and rosebuds is good for oily skin, but use caution if you have acne. Saunas, like high humidity, can intensify breakouts.

Moisturizers for oily skin might contain antiseptic or simply be oil-free.

Noncomedogenic moisturizers do not clog pores, and nonacnegenic moisturizers do not irritate pores. Look for the chemical benzyl peroxide, which helps reduce the amount of oil your glands produce and is a useful ingredient in lotions and creams designed for oily skin. Make sure all makeup as well as all moisturizers, cleansing lotions, astringents, and sunscreens are chosen with oily skin in mind, and are water-based rather than oil-based products.

Effective treatment for oily skin involves cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting your skin with products created to provide oily skin solutions. Although there are no natural cures for oily skin, you can certainly manage the problem and keep it from worsening. The Internet is the perfect place to search and find information about products and diet supplements needed to provide the best oily skin care possible. The Internet offers the opportunity to shop, compare costs, and order whatever you need online from the privacy of your home. Most online merchants offer discount pricing to attract customers which helps save you money. You don't have to put up with oily skin problems; relief is just a few clicks away.

About the Author
Scott Gray is currently a freelance writer and enjoys providing information and advice to online shoppers who are in the market for anti aging options, acne treatments, and general skin care.

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