Secrets And Top-Tips Of Mail Order Advertising

Good Advertising creates more production, thus greater
consumption, faster turnover and lower sales price per
unit. To a great extent it determines the success or
failure of the mail order operator!

When working up an advertising program remember that what
is genuinely desirable to you may or may not appeal to the
majority of your prospects!

Different types of merchandise or services demand
completely different advertising media. Your ad must be
built around the ADVANTAGES of the product and designed to
APPEAL to the specific customers who will BENEFIT from
your offer!

Since you MUST spend advertising dollars in order to make
money in the mailorder business be sure you spend WISELY
and with CONFIDENCE.

RETAIN all advertising information, brochures, sales
letter, catalog, etc., you receive. USE THE IDEAS from
this information as a guide in formulating your various
advertising programs!

There are thousands of top mail order products to choose
from, more than you can every use so choose the right ones
for your programs!

If the product or service can't stand the Truth do not
advertise it...Don't handle it! Truth in advertising is a
Your FIRM NAME, preferable, should be SHORT, DESCRIPTIVE

When you find the item that is a mail order "HIT", repeat
your ads on the product in a number of magazines and other
productive advertising media in order to PYRAMID YOUR

Advertising cost divided by inquiries = Ad cost per
Advertising cost divided by orders = Ad cost per order!
Orders received divided by readership = percent of
Number of pieces mailed + by orders received = Percent of

Continuously use the simple formulas (above) so you will
know who your advertising dollars are paying off!

Ad to find new Products:
"Calling all manufacturers, importers and suppliers ... We
will feature and sell your new products in our catalog ...
Send your information, sample products and programs

Test the position of your ads in the various Media!

Test one ad against another on the same offer!

Make your sales letters friendly, clear, simple and to the

Your potential customers are more interested in themselves
than in your product, consequently your ads and sales
letter must be directed toward their point of view and
their self-interests! Make them want your product because
it will benefit them or will do the job better for them!

Powerful attention getting words include: Free, Amazing,
Weird, Odd, Strong, Rare, Big, Secret, Latest, Easy,
Fortune, Now, New, How-to!

You must put yourself in the place of your prospects and
know how they feel, think and react to your ads! If "you"
were the customer would your ads persuade "you" to buy?

Your Ad must have a strong headline! It must tell the
prospect what to do, such as: Order Now! Rush $5.00! Use
order form and reply envelope! Act Now! Action words
that urge the prospect to order. Explain with simple
the product will do for them. Use believable
testimonials. Appeal to their reason and get their
confidence, then use a powerful close. You can get the

Repetition is one of the secrets of making a lasting
impression on the memory.

Use coupons in some of your ads!

Since Suspense is a strong force in advertising, consider
entering the name of your product toward the end of your

Most everyone wants prestige, confidence, money, security,
advancement, leisure time, good health, popularity, less
worry, happiness, success, more time, recognition,
improvement, business ownership, independence, more
knowledge, satisfaction, savings ... Appeal to your
prospects... use such appeals in your ads!

Quality, usefulness, reasonable price, up-to-date, and
appealing to the sight are points to stress!

Make no misleading claims about your products.

Review the many ads presented in leading mail order sales
magazines advertisers. Make note of the many attention
getting words and phrases that catch your eye and cause
you to read the rest of the ad! Use these same words in
your own headlines!

With certain type products, consider turning the picture
in your display ad upside down in order to attract
attention from the ordinary ... If handled properly,
curiosity will sell!

Study the operation of other firms to get New Ideas for
sales letters, methods of handling promotion, nature of
offers and any other details which may be helpful!

Some programs require a good deal of literature in order
to present all the facts necessary to sell a product!
With this type of product you should first advertise for
inquiries then send the full ammunition by direct mail.
Write up a list of important reasons why a person should
inquire about your offer. Use the strongest of these
reasons in your ad!

If you usually pay cash for your ads, why not set up your
own advertising agency as a secondary part of your
business? Your registered business name as an advertising
agency may qualify your business for the 15% discount when
advertising in many publications!

Direct Mail, mailing lists, not ads, are used to obtain
business. You determine what type of person would best
buy your product; then compile, rent or buy name lists and
proceed from there.

Lists compiled from business listings in the Yellow Pages
are good for many kinds of mailorder products; however the
names and addresses contained in the white pages seldom
get any reasonable response. Ads in the daily paper are
also generally poor for mail order products. Stay with
the successful operators and advertise in the various
media they use ... stick with quality name lists in the
right category for your products!

Unless your ad is read you will come out in the red! Make
it clean, clear, concise, simple, professional and focused
to the "right market" for the type of product being

Always test! test! test! before spending large sums to
promote or advertise your product ... Be sure it is a hit
then go all out!

Your ad must name the product, describe it, tell what it
will do for the reader, how he can obtain it, and where to
get it!

The best part of your advertisement is the words that can
be read "between the lines"!

The direct mail packet consists of the sales letter,
catalog, or brochure, order blank and the business reply

The ad must attract attention and create interest and
desire before the customer will act!

Know your product well so that you can be specific,
sincere and positive in writing your ads!
Enthusiastic ads properly laid out will generally get
enthusiastic results!

It is simple to record test results for your ads and
programs in the various media. DO IT!

If your product has distinctive features or trademarks,
use them over and over again in all your ads ... Take
advantage of the repeat psychology of keeping the name of
your product constantly out in front of the Public Eye!
If your product is familiar to the user, prove that it has
better quality or price over competing items. Educate the
consumer when presenting brand new items.

Prospects are usually more impressed by what others have
to say about the product than by what the dealer tells
them. Write to your customers, asking for their opinion
on what your program or product has done for them and
request permission to use their endorsement in some of
your ads. Retain their letters as your authority for
using their testimony.

Classified ads must have a great deal of thought and
preparation! Use as few words as you can, but don't leave
out image building words that tell stories, paint pictures
and compel action!

One way to increase the readership of your ad is by
inviting persons to send in money saving ideas. Print the
best idea each week, or month, and award the winner $$$
... They will read the ad in each issue in order to find
out if they won and if not to see if the winners ideas are
better than the ones they submitted!

Many products can be readily adapted to radio & TV
selling. This can be arranged whereby you pay the station
a percentage of only what is sold. There are publications
available which explain how to present such offers to the
stations and lists of stations that supposedly operate on
this basis. You can locate such firms by a search at your
local library or through salesmen and opportunity
magazines....However; this method for selling mail order
products is not readily available on a flexible basis,
unless you have something really special.

You must be in a position to change your advertising
approach with changing times and conditions.
The First Paragraph of a sales letter must create
attention and interest or the entire message will go to
file 13!

The Second part, or body, of the letter must arouse desire
by pointing out the advantages and describing the product,
preferably in use, or in action and should state the
price...or the entire message will wind up in file 13!

The Final Portion of your letter should strongly urge the
prospect to act and tell him how to order or the entire
message will go to file "13"!

You don't have near the space for your message with
classified and small display ads, as you do with the sales
letter so unless they are well presented they may make a
faster trip down the tube to file 13!

Always use TOP QUALITY letterheads, mailing materials and
supplies...This is your BUSINESS IMAGE in mailorder!

It could be good policy to place your ads through a
legitimate advertising agency...It costs no more than if
you place your own. Before doing business, get full
information about the agency, its services and rates.

Since you must get your message across in top form, in
order to pull inquiries and get orders, the ideal ad made
just for the particular item being for sale is another
great secret for mail order profits....Many times just one
little word will change a dead ad to one that pulls
thousands of orders!

Since you do not have a "window display" to use for
mailorder advertising you must either draw pictures or use
picture words to describe your product. Prepare
advertising copy so that your prospects can "visualize the
product" in their mind and "see" themselves using it to
good advantage.

The headline of your ad must be powerful enough to catch
immediate attention.

Use words that emphasize your product or service at the
beginning or end of sentences!

Another gimmick for obtaining name lists for nothing...An
ad such as..."?BIG MAIL? Send 200 of your address labels
and 50 cents. We will send to mailorder dealers,
wholesalers, distributors, etc....!"

"Before and After" type ads get great response on certain

Test and compare with different worded ads on the same
type of merchandise in the same media.

When advertising make your most important points first!

When you find a new product that has possibilities for
mailorder, test it! Prepare an ad for a quick test in a
magazine or in a paper with a fast closing date (time from
date ad is received to date it is published). As your
test prove out "HIT" that particular item hard and heavy
in other publications!

Test various price levels for the same product.

Qualify your prospects with proper classified ads.

Get the prospects confidence by offering free samples, by
allowing a full money-back guarantee, by building your
business image without exaggeration, and by showing proof
of satisfied users.

Use the P.S. in sales letters to gain added attention!

When using an illustration or picture of your product in
an ad, have one that shows the product in use! Picture
the merchandise in use giving the owner profit or pleasure
thus generating a positive, confident "YES" attitude.
Remember that a picture will often sell better than 10,000

Command attention to your ads or mailing pieces by
marginal sketches, cartoons, different size and type
styles of various words and/or paragraphs...Take the
monotony out of the ad!

Consider greater pulling power of colored ads on many
kinds of products. Test for added response and sales, as
balanced against the much higher printing costs for color!
The use of borders, lines, etc., can enhance your ads but
be certain they are not placed in such a way that they
detract from your message.

Type is expressed by "points". For example, one point
equals 1/72 of an inch. A pica is 1/6 of an inch. Learn
the various type styles and sizes. Use the right print in
your ads to emphasize the best features of your product.

Don't bore the reader; Keep the sakes letter to one page
whenever possible.

Offer something extra or something free in order to get
immediate action!

Test only one factor at a time in order to determine which
"change" made the difference in the number of responses
received from your ad!

By the end of the first month after receipt of the first
response from your ad you should receive 60% of the return
you are going to get from monthly magazines, 75% from
weekly newspapers, 75% from direct mail, 80% from Sunday
newspapers, 90% from daily papers and 100% from Radio or
TV! Within 2 weeks...From magazines 20%; Weekly magazines
40%; Direct mail and Sunday papers 60%; Daily papers 75%
and Radio and TV 90%. DON'T DEPEND ON SUCH
STATISTICS!!!!! Response can vary drastically depending
on many factors, including products offered, media used,
season, price, economy, etc.!!!! Your ad should be
repeated again and again, as long as it is bringing back a
profit....After the saturation point is reached, pull the
ad. Test it again in a few months. The classified ad is
the best to use for testing. For fast results, newspapers
can be tested periodically. Magazines with the greatest
number of responses for the least cost per inquiry should
have priority for your ads. Only tests can prove which
are the best ads and media for your various offers!

Have a "Built-in" follow-up program when preparing your
initial advertising and promotion materials!

Your ad must end with words that compel action...Ask for
the order! Now! Don't let the prospect put the offer
aside or it will usually end up in file 13. Notice the
many ads in the mailorder publications that close with
action getting words and sentences. Use such ads to
develop ideas for your own ads!

Use the personal touch in your sales letters! You must
have a good mailing list for direct mail advertising.
Your sales letter should be written as though you were
talking in person to the reader. Read it out loud...Does
it sound like talk or is it canned?

Offer mailing labels with personalized pictures, photos,
or cartoon caricatures, at cost, in order to build name
lists of mailorder buyers!

Choose the publications with the greatest pull for your
particular ad...Determine the greatest circulation for
every dollar spent...Is it better to advertise in a
magazine with 10,000 readers at 20 cents per word, or pay
$2.50 per word for one with 3,000,000 circulation? Even
this must be tested. Perhaps the 10,000 readers are
buyers of the type of offer you are promoting and will
order more than the 3 million!

Determine the kind of person who reads the various
publications and buy your space accordingly...Advertise
ladies apparel in a media read by women, not in a science

Publications which carry a large classified section
generally produce good results. Be sure to advertise
under the right classification for your order.

Don't be afraid to ask for the order.

Take advantage of free advertising and publicity whenever
& wherever available!

If practical for a given program, include a picture of
yourself, your business building, or a photo of your
product...This, of course pertains basically to direct
mail programs or for display ads.

Your ad will fail if:
The program you choose has already been worked to death:
A number of dealers had an ad approximately the same as
yours in the same publication; You are advertising an out
of season product; Your price is not competitive; The
offer wan not attractive; Your copy was poorly written, or
it you advertised in the wring classification for the item
being offered!

You generally get nothing but curiosity seekers with ill
placed display ads.

"KEY" you ads in order to know what is the best way to
spend your advertising dollars. Final sales volume, is
the measurement of success or failure of your advertising

Combine the best features of your product in preparing
your ad. Not so much as to the physical characteristics
but by the feeling and interest it generates in others!

Generally, you should $ ASK $ for the money in classified
ads only when a small amount is required for the product!
Do not expect to get good response from a high cost item
asking for money with a small classified ad. Offer free
details to get the inquiry first, then send your direct
mail packet...Sell your low priced items direct from the
classified or display ad!

Build and maintain your list!!!!

Remember....For us in the mail order industry, advertising
is a must! We cannot reach success without it! We can't
operate successfully with it, unless we do it right!
Advertising is second in importance, only to a high demand
product at a reasonable price, but neither can win without
the other...The day we stop advertising is the day we give
up the mailorder business and go back to punching the old
worn out time clock!!!!!!!

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Big Companies Freezing Their Advertising On YouTube Because Of Controversial Comments  ForbesThere's a large number of videos on YouTube available to literary everyone, featuring the likes of children, mostly girls under the age of 13, practising ...
Apple started its Special Event with a trippy ode to Apple ads  Fast CompanyHow do you introduce an event that you explicitly call a “Special Event”? It needs to be pretty damned special, right? For Monday's corporate mass *service* ...
Advertising Week Europe briefing: Broadcasters slowly unite against platform threats  DigidayAt Advertising Week Europe, it seems broadcasters may be showing a more collective front against platform threats.
You're being used to steal $50 billion in digital advertising  Fast CompanyA new report says digital ad fraud is bigger–and more sophisticated–than the industry is prepared to deal with.
New Zealand's biggest advertisers make global call for Facebook boycott  New Zealand HeraldNew Zealand's biggest advertisers have written a joint letter calling on the international advertising community to join its boycott of Facebook advertising.
Podcast advertising: how you can make the most of it  RaconteurIs this the future of influencer marketing? The best way to target millennials? Podcast advertising is a goldmine - if you get it right.
The definitive guide to what’s in and out at Advertising Week Europe 2019  DigidayAdvertising Week Europe is here and with it comes four days of panels, parties and networking. To preview all the comings and goings, Digiday has compiled a ...
TAM Media Research, Israeli firm develop digital advertising measurement tools  Economic TimesTAM Media Research, along with Israel-based business intelligence solution provider BI Science, has unveiled Digital AdEx, a *service* to monitor and provide ...
New Zealand shooting: Facebook faces advertising boycott over live-stream  CBS NewsTwo business associations in New Zealand say companies should stop advertising on Facebook after an anti-Islam terrorist used the platform to livestream his ...
Avengers: Endgame - AMC Theatres Advertising an Epic Runtime  CBRAMC Theatres and Fandango are reporting a runtime for Avengers: Endgame that's epically long.
Carphone Warehouse thwacked by UK Advertising watchdog for a Cyber Monday wobble  The RegisterUK phone-slinger The Carphone Warehouse has received a slap on the wrist from the Brit advertising watchdog after an offer proved a tad too popular.
Casino news | Denmark clamps down on gambling advertising  InterGameThe Danish Gambling Authority is to amend the Danish Gambling Act to limit the amount of marketing for gambling games, particularly toward children.
NBCUniversal, Sky team up to expand global advertising product  Reuters(Reuters) - Comcast Corp is pooling the advertising power of its NBCUniversal and British-based Sky units to better target viewers worldwide, it said on Monday, ...
MannKind - Afrezza Scripts Still Flat Despite Advertising  Seeking AlphaAfrezza scripts essentially flat week over week. MannKind 2019 advertising campaign has been active for 10 weeks. A request for more authorized shares at the ...
Snap to drug advertisers: We're the friendlier social network  CNBCTo win big pharmaceutical advertisers, Snap is positioning itself as a friendlier social network than Facebook and Twitter.
Facebook is going to stop letting advertisers target by race, gender, or age  MIT Technology ReviewThe firm spent $5 million yesterday settling three cases that claimed Facebook's practices allowed employers to illegally exclude women from being served ads ...
Re: No more infant formula advertising in The BMJ  The BMJThis comes across as an arbitrary, irrational and knee-jerk action. Why exactly have these adverts been banned? I agree that the use of formula milk should be ...
Advertising rules not broken as signs of spring election start popping up  CBC.caSigns of a spring election are popping up, literally, around the province. Big wooden billboards with nothing on them yet have been put up on many street ...
Tech Firm Plans to Transform Advertising on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter Via Blockchain  CointelegraphSponsored. Paying for the ultimate result of an advertising campaign, and not just impressions or clicks, has always been the dream of advertisers. There have ...
The Kraft Heinz Mess Is A Warning To Advertisers: You Can't Cost-Cut Your Way To Growth  ForbesThere's a limit to how much a company can cut, but top-line growth (driven by investment in advertising) is infinite, at least until a brand reaches 100% market ...
Advertising effectiveness vs. efficiency: what is important?  RaconteurFocusing on short-term wins has led to a growing efficiency bubble, leaving long-term advertising effectiveness by the wayside.
Digital advertising fraud ecosystem stirs up a $1.63-billion scam  Business StandardRead more about Digital advertising fraud ecosystem stirs up a $1.63-billion scam on Business Standard. Online deception threatens to jeopardise the digital ...
Airline apologises for 'inappropriate' advertisement on Brisbane buses  Sydney Morning HeraldAirline advertisements accused of “making light” of sexual exploitation in Thailand have been removed from all Brisbane City Council buses. A recent AirAsia ...
Advertisers say Facebook outage led to 'chaos' in buying  AdAge.comFacebook advertisers say the outage at the social network caused "chaos" in the market and cost them a whole day's work as they were frozen out of ads ...
Has the Native Advertising Market Matured?  eMarketerThe typical native display ad is mobile, social and purchased programmatically—and that's not expected to change over the next couple years, as the native ad ...
Adomni Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Platform Providing Audience Analytics for Digital Out-Of-Home Advertisers  MarTech SeriesAdomni, an open online platform to find and buy digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, announced a first-of-its-kind update to its platform: the ability to buy ...
YouTube Facing Lawsuit That Alleges Toy Unboxing Videos Are “Abusive Advertising Practices” Aimed At Children  TubefilterA Brazilian lawsuit filed against YouTube's owner Google is raising questions about whether toy unboxing videos are manipulating kids — and whether similar ...

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