Marketing Advertising, While Advertising Your Market!

Today in the Business world whether online or off, it seems that everyone is vying for position, yet few are able to leap to the forefront of their competition.

On the Internet there are thousands of programs and Business Opportunities being created every month or so it seems! Everyone is trying to find his or her niche in the Business world. Most do not comprehend that the likelihood of their specific opportunity making any headway is slim and none.

Why is this?

The key problem with most new business operations is we are living in a such a fast past get it done yesterday mode in society that everyone is trying to place the cart before the horse!

It only makes perfect sense that if you spend countless periods of time trying to establish a business, or even if you simply join someone else's efforts as an affiliate, one wants to begin promoting their opportunity, therefore they try every conceivable advertising method to promote their operation.

What is wrong with this picture?

Actually ten years ago, nothing was wrong with it, but because of the Internet and its powerful expansion into the entire world, advertising is becoming the most prolific aspect to all business association. Everyone needs to advertise, and since the expansion is so megalithic today, advertising is becoming the key to all operations.

It is no longer about your business or someone else's for that matter it is all about advertising.

Everyone wants and needs to advertise, and because of this, advertising is becoming the largest market in the world.

It seems to only make absolute sense that advertising is your best bet today for any business operation.

If you are not in advertising, then you are missing the boat!

However, many people have staked their hard-earned money into the business of their choice and they simply cannot walk away from it.

By what I have witnessed on and off the net, it has become imperative with the ten's of thousand of businesses and many more opening every day, all vying for attention of the next recruit or customer. That it is becoming impossible to penetrate the market properly enough to make a real go of any new project.

This does not mean there is not a market, it means it is getting more and more difficult to cut your niche in the market when more and more businesses are coming up though the walls!

What is one to do?

Well obviously the advertising industry has become inundated with all the new businesses so much so, that people are getting sick and tired of the new biz-OP's constantly rolling down their Internet Community Highway!

Everyone is tired of this or that new plan, when everyone already is part of some other opportunity and most likely barely making a go of it, if at all!

What I am realizing is, affiliates and businesses are creating their own kiss of death with they advertise their particular market/business.

No one really wants to hear about some new opportunity because they are tired of the massive amount of choices they have, plus they realize they need to advertise their own business. When you advertise your market it is like shoving that vegetable in your mouth that you hated when you were a kid.

It doesn't mean that you may not gradually build a taste for it, it simply means, that you are tired of people shoving one new idea upon another down your throat. Especially when most of the opportunities are barely making ends-meet and many of them already have a myriad of unhappy customers/affiliates because of the multiple failures.

So what is one to do?

Business Owners and Affiliates need to stop advertising their opportunity or product. They need to begin to tap into the largest growing industry on the planet, and that is advertising.

Let me try to help you understand what it is that I am relaying here. Some will no doubt contend, "I just don't get it, it makes no sense. You are saying you have to stop advertising, but you are telling me that I need to tap into the advertising industry. This makes about as much sense as a two-legged horse winning a race."

Actually it makes wonderful sense once you comprehend what it is that I am saying. First of all, what is it that every business needs?


So what is it that every business is looking for when promoting their business?


They are not looking for another business, they do not care about what you are promoting because they are only interested in promoting their own project. Why is this becoming a problem? We live in a world because of the Internet that there are now becoming more business owner wannabe's than customers! Everyone wants to become the payee, not the payer.

Other business owners and or affiliates are not LOOKING for a new product or promotion of another business, at least not at present, because they are promoting their own business.

So their number one priority is to advertise their business, RIGHT?

So what is it that they are looking for?


You now know the number one thing every business owner and affiliate is looking for. They all need advertising.

What good does that do you if you have a business or product that you want to sell when so many people that are buying only want advertising?

The answer is, Marketing Advertising, while Advertising Your Market!

Since you understand everyone is looking to advertise his or her product or biz-op, then you need to become the advertising agent.

Why is this important?

It is imperative to tap into the market that is standing above all other markets. You must use that market tapping into the largest industry.

Since advertising is becoming the largest industry, then why not piggyback on this portal and market advertising?

You might be saying, yea but I already have my product or business; I don't want another one right now. Put two and two together, once you begin to market advertising which everyone needs, you can then use that platform to advertise your market.

You see you will already have all the customers, because everyone needs advertising. All you need to do is translate those customers into massive sales for your product or business.

An Example, take a Google and Yahoo, when they began no one believed you could make money using a search engine. Well the truth is, the search engines do not bring in money, however they bring in massive amounts of surfers searching the World Wide Web. Most everyone will use at one time or another, search engines to get around the Internet.

So what did Google and Yahoo do, they sold bits a pieces of space so people could advertise their product on their web pages. Because Google and Yahoo owned the Interstate Highway map and phone book, they could charge a monster amount of money for you to advertise at their site.

These companies did not make money on search engines; they made money because everyone wanted to use their services to advertise to their surfers. It was realized that since everyone was coming to them, this created a large advertising web knowing people would need to advertise their products and or businesses.

Millions used their prolific people finder to advertise their product to those same people.

It was a win win situation! The Search Engines made a killing on advertising, and the advertisers made good money because people saw their ads and bought from them!

Today though the industry is changing a bit. More and more people need to buy advertising and are less likely to become new affiliates or customers.

It is important now that affiliates and even business owners become the advertising agents. The individuals need to become the next Google or Yahoo. They need to become the advertising gurus of the new millennium using their own portals attracting people who need to advertise!.

If they become the new advertisers, and they begin to bring in massive amounts of people all wanting to advertise, they can then become the ones to own the advertising space in the world of advertising. Now they can begin to promote their own business and or affiliate program!

So not only are you offering the greatest need, advertising! You can now own your own advertising space while others come to advertise through you, you will be the one that owns the spaces to both sell and use for yourself, which you can now advertise your own businesses and affiliate operations!

You will be more likely to gain attention from other advertisers because you are not forcing anything down their throat. Instead you are them an advertising need, and they feel comfortable with you. So the chances of their eyes perusing your web page where there advertisements are located, is more likely going to attract them because now they know you have already helped them!

But is this possible, and can it be done without great fanfare and cost?

Yes it can?

To be continued?

John V Panella Marketing your own Portal!

Author of the ancient mysteries now teaching business sense using cosmic awareness!

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