Business Cards: Why Waste Valuable Space?

So many business people neglect this valuable asset that may be used for a multitude of messages.

Don't fall for the trap of supplying a "scribbler" for others that virtually guarantees your card will be in the "round file" sooner rather than later.

Remember it is your card, why not put it to good use? Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking along the correct lines.

· List the things that differentiate you or your company from the competition.
· Relevant information on your products and/or services
· Testimonials from satisfied customers
· Your guarantee for your products/services
· If it is appropriate?your hours of business
· Your company mission statement and/or goals
· Special Offers
· Your Points of Difference from the competition
· Product Information
· Links to Interesting Websites
· A Cartoon
· Public Holiday Dates and/or Holiday offers
· Recipe
· Famous Quote
· Next Appointment
· Your Opening Hours
· Other Clients
· Taxi Service Numbers
· International Time Differences
· Toll Free Numbers
· Terms & Conditions
· List of Email Addresses
· Local Services: Doctor, Dentist, Chiropractor
· Competition Numbers
· Refund Policy
· Money saving Tips
· Tips to Help a Bad back
· Five Ways to Overcome Stress
· Before & After Testimonials and Client Testimonials
· Members Code
· A 'Thank You' Message
· An 'I'm Sorry' Message
· Charities Your Business Supports
· Weight Conversion Table
· Measurements
· Health Tips
· Riddles
· Reports Written by your organisation
· Available Products
· Emergency Numbers
· First Aid Tips
· CPR Information
· National Flag
· Interesting Facts
· Laws
· Stretching Exercise
· Tips to Help a Sore Neck
· Tips to Help a Headache
· Photo of You as a Child
· Restaurants You Recommend
· Competitions
· Instructions
· Marketing Tips
· Management Tips
· A Line That Says "I just wanted to say?"

Of course this list can grow according to your imagination, but you get the general idea.

After a wide and varied career spanning a number of diverse industries, some in management roles and others as owner of the business, David retired as National Manager for a division of Wesfarmers, one of Australia's top 20 companies. He now consults to small business owners and can be contacted at

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