Mobile Detailers; Customer Window Displays

Mobile detailers have all types of customers, many of whom are self-employed. We know that these customers love their automobiles as most Americans and therefore love the services we provide. So much so that they will refer us new customers and tout our services. But they are willing to do much more if you ask them. Like referrals you get more when you simply ask. Let me give you another couple of ideas.

Have you ever seen a sign in the window of a business that says UPS YES/NO. Well, how about "Reflections Auto Detailing" (A Logo) with a slider for YES or NO. And on the other side a matchbox car glued to the slider handle. How about a sign that says; "No Soliciting Except For Reflections Auto Detailing" or a half sheet of paper that says; "Reflections Auto Detail Country". Your very best customers will let you put them up and it's great advertising.

Counter Displays

Little brochure packs on counters work great especially in:

Travel Agencies

Fishing Stores

Tire Shops

Equestrian Accessory Stores

Jenny Craig

Weight Watchers

Hair Salons

Dry Cleaners

Sandwich Shops

Golf Course Prop Shops

If the owner is over fifty and also a small businessperson who enjoys your energy and drive, they will usually be receptive to this idea. If they are a young hussler, they'll probably want you to pay to put a brochure pack on their counter top. If that is the case, then you should joke about doubling the price of their car wash or detail job, they'll then laugh and let you put one up. Fair is fair. If they help you, you help them. Think about some other grass roots marketing techniques for you auto detailing business.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

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