How To Increase Your Affiliate Commissions!

So you've joined an affiliate program, but really haven't figured out where you should start? Here are 12 great tips to get you started on your feet and enjoying the new year.

Here are 12 Awesome Ways To increase Your Affiliate Commissions!

  • Participate in web discussion boards and online forums. When I first joined an affiliate program, I read as much information as possible in the discussion boards This is a great discussion board to lurk in and understand the affiliate program and how things work.

    Once you get enough confidence to post your own comments, try a forum more like a Home Business Forum. This forum lets you include a link to your web site and any personal signature you choose, but is monitored. I included my web site link under my comment so that other could click on the link if they chose. Best part was that the search engine spiders took notice too.

  • Advertise your link in your signature file with every email you write.

    Use an attention-grabbing headline for them to visit your affiliate site. Also make sure your signature file doesn't get too big.

    Your link should look something like this:
    Jennifer Schilling
    email address here

    Why build JUST a Web site,
    When You COULD Build a Business?

  • Your link should look like this By redirecting your affiliate number and making your address be part of your web site, you will not loose out on any affiliate commissions.

  • Create unique affiliate program ads and your own banners if possible. If every other affiliate is using the same ad you are using, many web visitors may leave your web site quicker than you think. Give yourself an edge over your competition, by making an ad that makes your website stand out from the others.

  • Use a personal testimonial ad. You should only use this if you've actually bought the product or service. Tell people what kind of results and benefits you've received using the product. This can be VERY powerful.

  • Trade links with other webmasters who are promoting the same types of products you are promoting. You want to attract the same type of people that would be interested in buying the product you're reselling.

  • Some advantages might include more traffic for you and the other webmasters. Once your website gets ranked by Google, you will find more and more webmasters requesting link exchanges to your website.

  • .Create a newsletter or an electronic magazine (e-zine) advertising your website. Use your newsletter to advertise the affiliate programs you've joined. Or offer a free e-book in your newsletter with the advertisement and links of your affiliate web site. The free e-book should draw your target audience to down-load it instantly. You can also submit your newsletter to directories and start a traffic virus getting people to visit your website.

  • Offer free online services, utilities or useful website links from your web site. They could be search engine submissions, language translations, web site tune ups. Make sure that the service or utility that you are offering them is something you would personally use and is of an interest to your website. There, make sure to add as many of your affiliate links as possible so that people can see them and click on them.

  • Start your own affiliate program directory. If you have joined more than one affiliate program, list them all in a directory format on your web site. Advertise your free affiliate program directory to others so that they will want to be part of your directory as well.

  • Write articles and submit them to websites that do accept them is another great way to drive more traffic and increase your affiliate commissions. The MOST important thing to do is to add a "resource box" in the bottom of every article that you write. This has been used and proven to work by all top marketing gurus online.

    THIS is BY FAR the most effective way to increase your backlinks!

  • Make sure you practice good follow up skills and get back to all of your affiliates within 24 hours or sooner. If you are available to them, they will want to stick around. You will be able to answer questions just like you do with your own affiliate mentors.

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