The Affiliate Interview - Do You Have What It Takes?

So you have decided to start up your own home business and after hours of searching you have decided on the program you are going to join.

Now stop and take check before you rush in.

Yes there are thousands of people running their own home business and yes they are making money from them.

What you need to stop and consider is that you will be running you own business and what does any business need to make money? You may come up with several answers but let me tell you from experience the key resource to any successful business is its employees.

You can have the best product or service in the world but if your employees are not up to scratch then you will not have a successful business.

Now a quick search of the net will bring up thousands of affiliate opportunities and companies willing to offer you the job of promoting their service or product and they require little more than you email and user name to get started. They do not really have a lot to loose by employing you to advertise their service as they only pay you for result so no sign ups then no payments, the only real sack able offence in their eyes is spamming

However you do have plenty to loose so consider yourself to be your first employee of your business.

What I am asking is would you employ you?

Do you have what it takes as an employee to make your business successful?

Now would be a good time to sit down and think of the questions that you would ask an interviewee before you were to offer them a job.

Here are 5 simple questions I asked myself before I committed to starting my own online business.

  • What makes you want to start your own business?

  • How many hours a week can you offer the business and do you have a quiet place to run your business from?

  • What specific skill can you bring to this business?

  • Where do you see yourself in 12 months time and what are your goals?

  • How much do you want to earn a month? As I said these are the simple questions I asked myself, most of us have had a job interview or two so you can think about the questions you were asked and how they may relate to running your own business online.

    You can also take this process one step further because as you start to succeed with your online business you will start to build your own down line. You need to look on these people as your employees and consider do they have what it takes to help you grow a winning company.

    A great way to use this is when you send out your welcome email include a few simple interview questions. This will help you in 2 ways ?

    Firstly: You will learn more about you sign up and what their intentions are, this will help make any follow up more personal.

    Secondly: Will they make a good employee? If so then spend some time on them and with your help they will grow their business which will in turn grow yours.

    So would you employ yourself?

    If you have decided the answer is yes then its time to start your business and start taking on your first employees.

    Just one last thought for you:

    "By working faithfully eight hours a day, you may eventually get to be a boss and work twelve hours a day." Robert Frost

    Copyright 2004 Marc Howlett

    About The Author

    Marc Howlett is a sales professional with several years experience. Currently working full time as a sales director for a large import wholesale company. I am also making a full time living working part time online. For help and advice check out my website:

    For personal advice contact me by email: [email protected]
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