Minimoto Dirt Bikes, Miniture Motards - The Next Step Up from Battery Powered Toys

As your child grows out of their little bicycle and wants more than a battery powered car to get them 'cruising' along. It can be a head scratching thought as what would be the next step up...

The wait is over as now comes a full range of affordable minimoto's & miniature dirt bikes to suit children as young as four with the right supervision.

Amongst many questions often asked the first one is always "Are these petrol powered pocket bikes safe?" The answer is YES! With built in safety features and speed restrictor an ideal starter bike is called the PY50 and is a quality dirt bike which comes with fitted restrictor to allow children to ride at a speed they feel comfortable with. Fully automatic (rev & Go) and fully enclosed shaft drive to the rear wheel so kids cannot get their finger, toes and clothes caught. An example of this bike can be found on on the links below in the Dirt Bikes 2 stroke between 47cc - 80cc link.

As your child's skill progresses there are many more models of petrol powered pocket bikes that allow your child to feed the need for speed. These miniature dirt bikes come with 2 stroke engines and as your child becomes more comfortable you can even move up to a 4 stroke engine as powerful as 125cc.

Once your child masters the basic starter bikes there are also lots of other models that are priced as low as £150 which can do speeds of up to 35mph such as the mini motard dirt bike which is small enough to fit in your car boot yet is strong enough for anyone up to 10 stones to ride it... so even mum and dad can have a ride!

Dirt Bikes 2 stroke between 47cc - 80cc : kes2stroke.htm

Dirt Bikes 4 stroke between 50cc - 110cc: kes2stroke.htm

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Minimoto Dirt Bikes, Miniture Motards - The Next Step Up from Battery Powered Toys

As your child grows out of their little bicycle and... Read More

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