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Meet the 12 Major Notes:

1. C (do)

2. C# - Db (do sharp or re flat) (one-key only)

3. D (re)

4. D# - Eb (re sharp or mi flat) (one key only)

5. E (mi)

6. F (fa)

7. F# - Gb (fa sharp or so flat) (one key only)

8. G (so)

9. G# - Ab (so sharp or la flat) (one key only)

10. A (la)

11. A# - Bb (la sharp or ti flat)

12. B (ti)

Meet the 12 Major Chords:

1. C major ? do, mi, so {C, E, G keys}

2. D major ? re, fa#, la {D, F#, A keys}

3. E major ? mi, so#, ti {E, G#, B keys}

4. F major ? (lower) fa, (lower) la, (middle) do {F, A, C keys}

5. G major ? (lower) so, (lower) ti, (middle) re {G, B, D keys}

6. A major ? (lower) la, (middle) do#, (middle) mi {A, C#, E keys}

7. B major ? (lower) ti, (middle)re#, (middle) fa# {B, D#, F# keys}

8. C# or Db ? do#, fa, so# {C#, F, G# keys}

9. D# or Eb ? re#, so, la# {D#, G, A# keys}

10. F# or Gb ? (lower) fa#, (lower) la#, (middle) do# {F#, A#, D# keys}

11. G# or Ab ? (lower) so#, (middle) do, (middle) re# {G#, C, D# keys}

12. A# or Bb ? (lower) tib, (middle) re, (middle) fa {Bb, D, F keys}

Notes some one of the most important things to learn and digest when it comes to learning music. The foundation of every tune is the note. This is also what makes the music lesson quite difficult to learn. It is because music is another language. There are lots of music notes to memorize. However, there are some techniques to better understand and not just to memorize the notes then eventually digest all of them. The first technique is to know the first twelve (12) major notes. Enumerated above are the twelve major notes. Most of us have encountered the do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti notes in the early stage of our education. Whether we liked it or not, music has always been a part of the academe. The alphabet notes C, D, E, F, G, A, B are also used along with the do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti notes. However, most people especially those who are not totally musically inclined are more familiar with the latter.

Also enumerated above are the 12 major chords. These are the most important chords to be first learned in learning how to play the piano. These piano chords correspond to those chords used in playing the guitar. So it is possible for you to play your favorite songs in both the guitar and the piano.

Just like in learning how to play the guitar, all you need is to memorize the chords and the proper position of your fingers. There are 12 major chords enumerated above along with the keys that are to be pressed to form each chord. There are actually many more chords and they are quite difficult to memorize and retain at once. Aside from being the major chords, these 12 are the easiest to memorize and remember.

All the other chords may sound so complicated in names but in reality, they are just repetitions or variations of the major chords. The first and foremost thing to remember is the middle C and its location because it is where the other notes are based. The variations of chords are the minor chords, the dominant seventh, augmented fifth, the diminished seventh, minor seventh, dominant ninth, major sixth, major seventh, minor sixth, dominant seventh with augmented fifth, dominant seventh with lowered fifth. Each major chord has these twelve more variations. Notice that the 12 major chords take only three fingers to form. The other variations can include four and even five fingers but still play around the major chord.

Some song lyrics have major or minor chords only. In practicing, especially for beginners, it is better to start with songs with simple chords first. The technique is to memorize the twelve major notes and then the twelve major chords and then get acquainted with the variations. In no time, you can play any songs and the "used-to-be-complicated" chords wouldn't appear complicated anymore.

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