Adults Can Learn to Play the Piano Too

Are you well past puberty and have always had a hankering for tickling the ivories? Maybe you didn't have the money as a child. Or your family was always moving. Or you probably didn't even know there was such a wonderful thing as the piano. Whatever the reason it is never too late to start. Really!

I began my quest to learn to play the piano at the late great age of 24. I had always wanted to play but was too busy pursuing my other interests one of which was gymnastics. I'm not even sure I knew note names but in all my innocence, after receiving a keyboard from my father for my birthday, I ran out and bought the first method book I happened upon. It was the Alfred Chord Series and I made it all the way through book 3 before finding a piano teacher.

Meanwhile I had been asked by my church to become their pianist. What follows is 10 years of struggles, learning adventures and opportunities that have molded me into what I am today. A PIANIST!

I had no goals of becoming a classical performer. I just wanted to play music. And I do. I have played at weddings, given piano lessons and I am still the church pianist. I have also added guitar to my list of skills. What I'm trying to say is don't let age stop you or even time. Most people think I studied as a child. And I know more music theory than many college piano majors. Being an adult puts you ina unique situation on knowing what you want to learn and how. Trust me this will all make sense once you start. If you've always wanted to learn then go ahead. It's actually very easy and there is a wealth of information to start you on your way. If you have no idea where to start just type "Free Piano Lesson" into your search area on the internet. Then when you've become overwhelmed visit the book store and pick up Alfred's Adult Piano Method series. Many adults learn to play with this series and while it's not the only one out there it will get you started.

Happy Playing!

Kemi is a church pianist and author of the book The Struggling Church Pianist. Visit her website and download some free musician tools at...

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