Closet Monsters London Spicoluk

Way back in November I found myself at the Casby Awards after party trying to socialize with whomever I came across. One person who I chatted with that night was a guy named London Spicoluk, from the band Closet Monster. At that time I haven't heard of them but I remembered his name and checked out their band out of interest.

After looking in them and their music I realized that much like many other Canadian band they were great, and were hidden from me until now. Exploding all over with their political views and messages put into punk, London shares a little about what him and Closet Monster are all about.

F: Being on the road you probably go through many different experiences. What is one of your most memorable? Or where is your absolute favourite place to play?

L: My most memorable moment on tour was staying up until sunrise at a Provincial Park in Saskatchewan called Saskatchewan Landing. It kinda changed my perception on life and I can't really explain how - sheer natural beauty.

My favourite place to play would be the Leon Cavallo squat in Milan, Italy. We wrote "Mamma Anti Fascito" about that place and the people we met there.

F: Is there anything specifically about Toronto that you like when you come and play a show?

L: Friends and family and feeling like we are where we belong. Shows in T.O. are more like parties than anything else.

F: Look back in 1997 when the band formed, what visions did you have then?

L: We just wanted to play music for the rest of our lives and never grow up. Kindo like Peter Pan in a way, finding our own Neverland, eternal youth and hope.

F: What have you learned about the music industry over the past eight years?

L: That it is a dirty disgusting place that turns art into commerce, but unfortunately is necessary when searching for your Neverland, and wanting to continue doing what you love and subsisting/surviving.

F: Your fan base has expanded greatly and you are hearing more and more about Closet Monster , how do you feel about it all?

L: We are excited but don¹t really understand the depth of it cause we are stuck in the middle of it and continuously try to keep our head down and move forward.

F: What drives you to get up every day and do what you gotta do?

L: Fear of failure, the fragility of my freedom, passion towards what I do, the hope of a better tomorrow, my mom, my bands, my undying love of music.

F: Other than the bass do you play anything else?

L: Piano, guitar, ocarina, and video games

F: Do you have any special talents other than your music ability you'd like to share;)?

L: I make a mean vegan chili, I'm great in bed, and I have dead sexy ninja skills.

Other than wishing you had some of London's chili, take some time and check out anything from their 4 albums, their most recent record release being "We Rebuilt This City." The next album is in the works so hold tight. After touring to just about 15 different countries they are back home and will touring around this summer in Canada. You can also find Closet Monster in North Bay with Mississauga boys Billy Talent. For details on that go hit up our events calendar shortly or go to To see who else is part of the Underground Operations team the site is, bands like Bombs over Providence, Hostage Life and The Brat Attack are signed on to the independent label.

Currently I goto the University of Guelph-Humber for Journalism. CTV is where it all started; my stepfather introduced me to many people in the business, as he is their military analyst. In addition my mother, Darlene, is a co-host for the talk show "Daytime," on Rogers Television.

It is my second year of University and already I feel I have accomplished a lot. Behind the scenes, I have learned tremendously when volunteering for CHEX Television in Peterborough and Rogers Television in the Simcoe-Grey Region. CTV also took me under their wing for the special 60th Anniversary of D-day in France, and the Shania Twain live at Dundas Square both working as the assistant guest coordinator. It was a privilege to work with amazing people like Beverly Thompson and Seamus O'Regan.

In the future I would like to venture into entertainment or sports on television due to the amount of passion I have for the two. I am not an athlete or anything, I just love watching sports, and music is something I could not live without.

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