Canadian Stars: The Marble Index and the Waking Eyes

Canadian Indie bands are dominating the music scene and it just so happened that three of them took over the Rivoli on Queen St. for a night of true entertainment. Boy, The Marble Index and The Waking Eyes all performed for free at an event that was hosted by BenQ called the Video Sound Tour. Unfortunately I was unable to make it for the West Coast natives Boy who were the openers for the show but was told that they were great but lacking the entertaining factor.

"I thought their music was good but I personally like watching bands that look like they are having fun when they play, but they were hot," said Melanie, a fan from the crowd.

The Marble Index, personally one of my favourites, rocked the show. The Hamilton trio graced the stage with their talent, as vocalist and guitarist Brad Germain even got intimate with the audience by getting in there and also making sure we all applauded them since it was a live taping. All he wanted was to make them sound like they were a well-known band that everyone loved but the crowd did fail to achieve that. The guys from The Marble Index definitely stole the show specifically with the track by them 'Not So Bright' that is getting great airplay on the Edge. Germain added humour to the show and was fun to watch as he continuously jumped up on the speaker boxes. With Ryan Tweedle on Bass and Adam Knickle on Drums they added exactly what this band has that makes it stand out from any other. The Casby Awards were when I first discovered these guys and ever since their tunes are constantly playing on a CD in my car.

Melanie and Ashley were two girls right up in the front that seemed to be enjoying themselves the most out of everyone. Here's what they had to say about The Marble Index. "I've seen the Marble Index a bunch of times and I love them, they are amazing live," said Melanie. "This was my first time seeing them and they were great," said Ashley.

Next up was The Waking Eyes another Casby performer. This is another band who sounds the same live as on their CD, possibly better. They have two vocalists that probably helps them differentiate themselves from others. These boys from Winnipeg Manitoba have been appearing on the charts and for sure played a great show.

"The concert was great, they all sure know how to perform especially when The Waking Eyes brought out the trumpet," said Samantha Cox.

Yes that's right, a trumpet. Rusty who plays guitar and does vocals brought out another talent and that was gracing the audience with his trumpet playing skills. Something I've never seen before but went well with the music they played. He was actually good and the crowd was feeling it for sure.

The Waking Eyes and The Marble Index played excellent sets and looking around at the audience they all seemed pleased with what they saw. Overall a memorable night, the venue was perfect sizing even though at times it was a little crowded but when three Canadian rock bands get together for a tour there is guaranteed enjoyment. Next time when they come to town I'll be there, supporting them 100%.

Farris Green
[email protected]

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