Warning! It Is Possible That You May Die Before Your Time!

Do you ever think about just how important good health really is? The decisions we make now may determine whether we have choices later.

Our bodies are constantly waging a 24 hour war against a myriad of microbes and toxins that continually try to sabotage our health. Our day to day survival depends on the state of our immune system. When it becomes impaired (as it often does), our risk of infections, autoimmune diseases and even cancer significantley increases - but that's just the tip of the iceburg. New research strongly suggests that undetected microbes can live in the body for years causing everything from heart disease to obesity.

Poor nutrition, stress, exposure to toxins etc., all hurt immune function.Consequently, diseases can take hold and life span is shortened and you may not even know it's happening. For example, sugar consumption impairs the ability of white blood cells to destroy bacteria. Likewise, even a relatively small deficincy of iron or selenium can considerably weaken immune function and many diets are lacking in these very minerals. And before you eat that cheese burger consider the fact that high fat diets can also compromise immunity.

Heart diease is not just an old person's diease. In the summer of 2002 Darryl Kyle a 33-year-old professional baseball pitcher died in his sleep. The autosy showed that he had 80% to 90% narrowing of two of the three cornary arteries. As important as exercise is, it is clearly not the entire answer. A scientific study found that every 15-year-old already had plaque build up! The obvious conclusion was that cardiovascular diease was starting in childhood.

The efficiency of our immune system will, to a large degree, determine our cardiovascular health. Nutrionally supporting our cardiovascular system with a combination of transfer factor and other key ingredients is something we can do to help insure a long healthy life.

Eric L. Huntley has 23 years experience in supplementation and exercise. To learn how to boost your immune system call toll-free 24 hour message 888-402-6432.

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