Diversification on the Internet

I have been on the Internet observing many new and exciting things over the past 5 years.

There are a lot of good opportunies out there but there are also some get rich quick schemes which aren't so good.

I see more and more different types of money-making, multi level marketing ideas popping up all the time. Different people with different ideas. Some work for some, some work for many and some don't work at all.

Another thing I have observed in MLM is something that many people do not realize.

Multi level marketing works far better in urban America than it does in rural America. Basically MLM is a numbers game and, frankly, in rural America we are short on those numbers. Like one fellow says, "There are more cows out here than people!" But being from rural America, and being a farmer, I have some points to share that may help many people--both rural and urban--to generate more income for themselves on the Internet.

In farming, if you only raise one crop and get hailed out, you have lost your only chance for profit for that year. If you raise two different crops and they both get hailed out, you've lost twice as much money. However, if you diversify and not only plant a crop but also raise livestock, you increase your chances for a good profit. Then, even if the crop gets hailed out there may still be value in feeding livestock who will in turn give you some margin of profit. If you raise several different grain crops, like a couple of different hay crops and, in addition, you raise a couple types of livestock, then when one crop price is poor something else will be better and your margin for profit increases.

What does this have to do with multi level marketing or MLM? If you only work one good program trying to build a downline and you acquire a prospect but he is not interested in that type of program, you have lost him. Someone down the road will probably sign him into their program. If you have two programs, then you have two chances of sponsoring him into one of those programs. If you have four different ones, you now have four chances. Only if they are different types of programs, all good, will you have a good chance of having something to offer that might interest him. You would then have four chances at one lead, instead of one chance at one lead.

I've heard over and over from MLM leaders--stay focused on one program; put all your efforts into just one; longevity builds credibility, etc.

How come so many MLM's go broke in two or three years? How, with all the years of fighting mother nature, government red tape and bad prices, does the farmer still survive? The answers is, he stays focused, but he diversifies. Maybe people in urban America can learn a lesson from someone who lives where there are more cows than people! I was once involved in just one MLM and I just about went broke. Then I remembered what my Dad used to tell me, "You have to have more than one way of making money. You can't put all your eggs in one basket, because you might fall and break them." I am now in three MLMs and a couple of two-tiered programs, and I make a good living.

If you don't want to try something new or are happy where you are now, stay focused on just one program and pray for luck. My advice, however, is diversify and work toward a healthy profit!

About The Author

Kenny Konechne - I am a farmer/rancher from South Dakota that needed to diversify to create extra income. Working more than one solid online business allows me to enjoy my way of life. You can find me at www.sdcowboy.com and listen to my story.

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