Can You Do A Word of Mouth Business?

When your friends need a recommendation for a plumber or a TV repairman, do they ask you if you know someone in the trade who's good, reliable and is reasonably priced?

At dinner gatherings, don't you just love to give movie reviews about the ones that you've just watched?

When you yourself need to buy a product, do you first find out about product reviews from other customers?

As you can see, the best form of advertisement for any product or business is by referral. You refer your friends. And your friends refer their other friends and so on and so forth. This is simply called "word of mouth".

Hey but all these recommendations that you have been making have been free. But imagine, if you have tried a quality product, wouldn't it be great to get paid telling your friends about how excellent it is? Wouldn't it be great too if your friends also get paid in the process when they refer their own other friends?

Now try active referral marketing. This means that you go up to people and tell them that you have found this wonderful business and would they like to try it. This is opposed to passive referral marketing when you wait for someone to ask you for a recommendation.

Perhaps one of the most important thing that you have to do is to find a couple of friends who like the product and business as much as you do. If you are successful in getting them to actively refer your business, then you are well on your way to building a very good and effective network.

A good way to source your group of friends is via the internet. The internet provides a great way to hook up with people around the world with similar interests and pursuits. Just look at the hard facts: The number of internet users today is 813 million and growing by an astounding rate everyday. So you essentially have millions and millions of people out there to market to.

Having said that, this does not mean that cash just comes rolling in without you putting in any effort. You still need to put in some hard work and energy to finding he "affiliates" or "downlines" to help grow the business. It's just that via the internet, it may not be all that impossible to find that few out of the millions who will be interested in what you are promoting.

What will however, make network marketing an easier business to do is if the product or service that you are promoting is a quality niche one. The product or service must be able to sell on its own. While you concentrate on improving your marketing skills to close the sales, the networking company behind the product or service is responsible for quality control, improvements, technology, its main website and system.

Additionally, the networking company must be strong and reliable, provides excellent training and tools to help you grow the business. A company that values its sales and marketing staff will also tend to pay a high compensation rate.

So if you are convinced by now that you can do a "word of mouth" business, check out It is endorsed by top experts around the world and has famous entrepreneurs like Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Robert G Allen as part of its panel of speakers.

Let your "word of mouth" business help build an additional source of income for you today!

Evelyn Lim is an online entrepreneur and business strategist for work-at-home opportunities. This article is extracted from her regular newsletter that teaches readers tips and strategies for Mapping To Success. To subscribe to her newsletter, please visit or her blog at

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