How To Succeed In Network Marketing (PART 1)

How to succeed (and fail) in Network Marketing. (PART 1)

When I first got involved with Network Marketing, I was so excited that I didn't know what to do. I had signed up the same day that I first heard the plan and was going to be rich! I was ready to run outside and holler my program details to anyone in shouting distance. Instead, I decided to make a plan.

My plan was to place an ad in the newspaper, and wait for the phone to ring. Surely I'd be rich by the end of the week.

It didn't calls and out $60! I was running out of ideas.

Next, I called my friends and asked them to come over for a meeting to see a new business idea. Well, they came, they liked the presentation and a couple of them wanted to sign up. The next day was spent trying to contact my upline to get answers to questions for my friends. It was a long process but I tried to sound excited just like I had been told.

In the end my friends lost interest and came up with excuses why they couldn't join at this time. They also started to avoid my calls and our relations became strained.

Now I was left with no further ideas and not only was I not rich, I had actually lost a few hundred dollars on advertising, sign up, and products that I didn't want. I didn't even know if they worked or if they were safe.

Four days into my new venture and I promptly quit.

How embarrassing!

Network Marketing doesn't work!

Sound familiar?

So what's the secret?

How do some do great in Network Marketing while others never get out of the starting blocks?

It's not as hard as you may think...but it's not easy either.

Here's the secret formula.

Secret #1. Know your company.

Look around, compare and contrast, don't just sign up with the first company that promises to make you rich.

Do your due diligence...research the company, ask the tough questions, try to prove it will not work.

Get help, ask questions, put the upline to work for you. Are they willing to help you?

Read everything they have, study the compensation plan, the products, the manufacturers, the upline, and the president.

Find out what your upline will do for you? Are there hidden costs? Will you be provided training? A website? Conference calls? Is your upline available for you? Is he/she doing well? Can they answer all of your questions promptly? Do they operate professionally? Do they pressure you? Do you feel important?

Until you know it all and have no more questions, this is the stage you should remain at. Do not sign up for anything until you complete your research.

You must fully research a company before you can truly believe in it.

Secret #2 Believe!

This one is tricky and the real key to success in Network Marketing.

If you don't believe in the company, don't just won't work.

Do not confuse belief with hope! Don't hope it will work, don't hope the opportunity is real, prove it, believe it.

Believe it by proving it. If you thoroughly know your company (see #1) , did your research and can answer any question asked, then chances are you believe in the company. If you can't answer the tough questions, and didn't research every aspect...then you are simply hoping to get lucky. Looking for the get rich quick scheme will lead you to lose your money and waste your time.

Don't "know it"....believe it!

Everybody knows that mlm can work. They don't all believe that it can and will work for them.

If you truly believe in your company and in the opportunity, then you will not have trouble getting people to a meeting. You will not have trouble answering the tough questions, you will not have trouble contacting people or promoting your opportunity.

Look at all the successful network marketers. Do they take it seriously? Can they answer questions about their company? Do they believe in the opportunity they are promoting? Of course they do.

If you know your opportunity inside and out and truly believe that it is a realistic shot at getting out of the rat race, you will be excited. You will not be bothered by a "no thanks" because you know that you will eventually succeed. Your company and opportunity is solid!

The only path to true belief is through your own research. You can't take somebody else's word for it. You must do the work for yourself.

See for yourself, when you truly believe, you are on your way to becoming a successful network marketer!

Where everybody wins.

About The Author

Kevin Thompson is a full time internet marketer and mlm leader.; [email protected]

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