The Single Greatest Reason People Fail At Network Marketing

How many times have you found yourself in one or more of the following situations:

1. After giving a complete network marketing presentation to a prospect, you discover that he/she was never qualified to begin with. He was irrational, illogical, unmotivated and didn't have two dimes to rub together.

You were wasting your time.

2. You give a two-hour network marketing presentation to a very interested couple and as soon as you finish, they want to show you *their* network marketing presentation.

You were wasting your time.

3. You make several appointments with a prospect that indicates an interest in your program but he/she constantly comes up with excuses why he cannot look at your proposal. In fact, he never looks at it.

You were wasting your time.

4. You know someone is perfect for your business and each time you approach her, she can't make up her mind if she will look at your program or not. You never can quite get her to gel.

You were wasting your time.

The single greatest reason people never make it in network marketing is...they spend their time with the wrong people and consequently, they burn themselves out of the business.

So, how do *you* know if someone is a qualified prospect or not? How do you make sure you're not spending your time with the wrong prospects?

Simple. Very early in your prospecting call or presentation, you ask a question that clearly reveals if they are serious and ready to take the next step with you.

You ask them a Basic Qualifying Question.

Here are some examples:

* 'If I can show you a program that will provide you with an additional income, give you more free time with your family and you feel completely comfortable with it, are you ready to do business?'

* 'Suppose my company can meet all of your financial and freedom needs, what will you do?'

* 'Folks, you mentioned that you wanted to spend more time with your children and have the money to send them to college. If my program can clearly do that for you, are you ready to enroll in my program?'

* 'The program that I would recommend that you take will provide you with training, products for you to use and inventory to start earning money. The investment for that program is $_______. Can you fit that into your budget?'

The Basic Qualifying Question will quickly separate the good prospects from the bad prospects. Then, you can spend your time on the easy ones while other network marketers waste their time on the bad ones.

Asking the Basic Qualifying Question is the most important question you'll ever need to know. It will guarantee that you're focusing on only motivated and qualified prospects.

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