Hey, I Have A Prospect! What Should I Do Now?

If you are in multi level marketing system, you have to get many prospects until they join to your business. You must follow up your prospect. But, not every person can make a good communication with their prospect. They follow up their prospect but they don't make a good communication. The problem is ; they let them go away or join with somebody else who can make them trust. It's a big problem! A good communication is a key to reach success in any business, especially in multi level marketing business.

Previously there were three ways to following up with people over the Internet.

First, you could try and do it yourself manually. The problem is a VERY inefficient use of your time. Imagine, if you have 2 prospect with different place and time, you must manage your time. Maybe two prospect is not a problem. How about if you have 5 prospect a day. Don't fall through the crack! However, if you enjoy pounding your head against the wall from frustration and never getting any sleep, then this is *perfect* for you.

Second, you could use one of the online autoresponder follow-up services such as Aweber. This provided you with one autoresponder and a limited number of follow-up messages. This was nice because you just referred people to the autoresponder (usually a free report) and it did all of the follow-up for you. The problem came when you wanted to add more follow-up messages or wanted additional follow-up series for different promotions. That could mean a lot of extra money you had to spend and very little flexibility, weak database management and the ability to merge in your follow-ups only the prospects name!

Third, you could purchase a contact database software that allowed you to create an unlimited number of follow-up sequences and an unlimited number of follow-up messages. This was great because you could create new follow-up sequences for the different promotions you were running, different training series for your downline, etc... The possibilities were endless and it never cost anything extra once you had the software. The only problem was you had to manually enter each person into the software and you had to open up the program, log onto the Internet and then have the program send out your messages.

Above, I have told you how to follow up your prospect. Follow up means you keep closely with your prospect. Make them trust to you! It's not easy. But you can practice to your prospect. If you could make a good communication while following up your prospects, they will come to join with you. I want to share some tips about that. Here there are:

? Think of everyone you are contacting as a personal friend of yours. You want to communicate with them as a manner. As a friend! Be conventional, be excited, be sincere.

? Know about the emotional button of your prospect and make sure you use those in your communications. Find out what your prospect wants and show them how they can get it!

? Have a brainstorming session with your teammates. Ask what made them sign up for the business. Think about what made YOU sign up. Your answer will give you a better idea of which are the top benefits you'll want to emphasize when you talk to a prospect.

? Give them the Testimonials. People don't like theories. They like real life examples with real life people involved. Almost no one can pass up reading a good story.

? Establish why your offer is such a great value. Your prospect must know that they are receiving a great value if you expect them to join with you. In other words, show them that what they are getting out of products and services, as well as support and training, is worth much more than what they are having to pay for it.

Always keep on your mind that your prospect is a person just like you. Treat them as you would like to be treated and you will have no problem communicating effectively!

Deny Hariyanto is a member of Elite Team Indonesia. Elite Team was found by Anne Ahira. She is offering 30 Days of FREE Training for people who are serious about wanting to build a better financial future for themselves. If you are interested in getting Anne's FREE Training simply visit http://www.freedomforfinance.com

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