Duplicating With the Color of Your MLM-Chute

Richard Bolles, created the hugely popular What Color is Your Parachute for millions of job seekers and career changing individuals dissatisfied with their professional lives. Mr. Bolles basically created a book that guides a person to discover what jobs fit their special abilities and attributes. So my question to you is what color is your mlm-chute?

Facts show that 96% of people who join a network marketing company will drop out within three to four months. If one pinpoints the causes of these high attrition rates, then one can be more successful in their networking business. So what are the key reasons a person might fail?

At the top of the list could be the quality of leadership that a newly signed person has just been brought under. A leader in network marketing will have a system to train newly signed distributors. This system, called duplication is a must for any successful career in mlm, but it is not enough.

I'm not saying don't use the materials a network marketing company provides for you in the forms of autoresponders, sales literature, websites, etc. because in many cases these items will be professionally created with thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars invested to create them, but not everybody will take to these things.

As a leader you must create multiple duplication systems based on the color of a person's mlm-chute. For instance, a person has just signed up to join your company. One of the first things out of your mouth should be how do you want to approach building your business?

You'll find that many people will have no idea how to build their business, so then you ask them what sort of personality they possess.

Are they more extroverted and outgoing or are they more reserved and introverted? For a person that is more outgoing and extroverted you don't want to duplicate them in the direction of an email or postcard campaign, but something that gets them communicating with people in a face-to-face or a telephone environment.

For a person that is more introverted a leader might spend a little more time helping them develop their warm market lists so they can gain experience communicating with people they know or teach them about creating an email campaign because it is not face to face selling.

Whatever the case might be, remember a one-size-shoe does not fit us all and if you can communicate better with your business partners, then you are that much closer to creating a fulfilling and lucrative career.

Richard Reese
(c) 2005

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