Luck Is What You Make it

I get so frustrated when people call me lucky. They tell me they wish they could have the things I have, or they wish they could travel or see the world like I do. They tell me I'm lucky.... but they ignore the fact that luck is what you make of it.

My friends and family also wonder HOW I could go on 4 or 5 vacations a year, or fly around the country to visit people when I do not "WORK"

They tell me I am SOOO Lucky and they WISH they could do that. I watch, they work, go home, burn on the boob tube, or play games on their computer and then wonder why they have no time or money.

Then they say I'm LUCKY. UNREAL.

HMMMM I do NOT believe in LUCK. I am blessed and I am thankful I was able to break out of the mold and overcome my early training to fit into the "normal" where we report to a JOB, give our 8-10 hours, come home, watch tv, so we can do it all over again.

There was NO luck involved in that. It was simply pure determination, and hard work, and failing a lot of times before I learned to get it right.

There were times I did have that normal JOB, and I came home after serving my sentence, to get online or on the phone, and work for 6-8 more hours. I would get up 2 hours early to answer email and work then go to that JOB. I would put in time on my business weekends, nights, every spare moment I was doing SOMETHING to grow my business.

I was determined to succeed and let nothing stand in my way. That's NOT luck, it's WORK.

Thinking back, I really do NOT know how I did it. I failed MANY times. I made some ROTTEN choices. I started over more times than I can count on my fingers and toes. I got knocked down, cheated, lied to, mislead.

With each failure, I learned something and looking back I would say, it was a learning process. I learned more from the failures than the successes, and I learned what NOT to do, so I knew how to look for the pitfalls and I developed a keen sense of intuition.

Also, because of the many failures, I decided to diversify. I decided it is better for me to build a solid income with multiple checks. This way, should one not go so well, or let me down, I would not be without an income, or completely starting from scratch.

I did NOT build multiple incomes all at once, but one by one. It's proven to be a wise choice, as today, I have 5 checks that come in, some monthly and some weekly.

START where you are now, focus on it, build it, and grow it and then find something that fits well with it and start another income stream. Talking to prospects becomes a matter of helping them, get what they want, in the way they want, so you learn to buile the relationship first.


I learned Luck is simply being willing to step up to the plate, and swing. If you miss the ball, you swing again and again till you hit that home run. Home runs are not limited to ONCE in your life, so you get up and do another and another.

That's my LUCK. If you want to be lucky yourself, you just have to get up, and decide what you want, then go for it. NEVER let anyone stop you. Just take action.

Don't listen to the critics. Use your brain. Don't you think if they knew HOW to do it, they would. IF you want to make 10,000 per month, don't listen to someone making 1,000. Look around, pick a roll model. Find people that ARE already doing what you want to do.


Choose a mentor, and learn from them and with them. Do something daily to grow your business, even if you have only 30 minutes. USE your time wisely, and stay focused on those goals.

Again no luck. I do believe I am very fortunate to have stuck with this, and not listened to the so called experts that preach to us all.

Here are a few things I was told over the years that I have were totally UNTRUE. The experts were wrong there when they said:

1. You can not build a "real" business on the internet.
2. You can not build more than one company at once.
3. You can not build relationships online.

I have done all 3.

I LOVE A challenge and each time an EXPERT claimed I could not do something only made me more determined to prove them wrong.

I look around at the so called "heavy hitter" experts in our business. Most of them may have built a fortune at one time in a company, but they do not tell us what they spent to do it. They tell us only what they want us to hear so we will follow them.

In addition, I do not know of ANY big name person, in our industry that is with the same company today as when I knew them 5-10 years ago. SO....if their theory of only doing ONE company holds true, why did they move to another one?

One other thing to ponder, while the EXPERTS told me I could only succeed in one, the same experts were selling autoresponders, web sites and tools to their downline, something I've NEVER believed in.

So to me, if someone says something CAN'T be done, I am more determined than ever to do it. I don't believe in the word can't any more than the word luck.


For myself, if you tell me I can't, I will prove you wrong.

I will find a way, I will move mountains, or go over, around or through.

I know one thing, if I can do it so can you! I have no special talents, I am NOT a public speaker. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that most of you out there, are much more talented than I ever thought of being, so it's not about talent.

Use your talents and don't be stopped by critics.

Luck is nothing more than ACTION and persistence and good hard work. Want your luck to change, change your outlook and take action today. Go to WORK, and focus on the task at hand, build your business so down the road you friends can call you lucky too.

GO to work and meet me at the TOP and let's celebrate together.

Diane "AKA MLMBlonde" Walker is a professional network marketer that has build her business using the power of the internet. She has also developed MULTIPLE income streams and is committed to helping others reach their dreams.

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