The Concept of MLM Mega-Mind

In the old days we would play in the woods and be home for dinner by 5:30.

Kids can't do that today. Now, we have to keep them safe, so we car pool them between four to five activities per week.

In the old days, we had three TV channels.

Today, you can't let your kids watch TV without you being within ear shot, for fear that they will hop onto MTV.

Ever see what kind of filth is on TV Friday nights by 9 p.m.?

I am age 42 and used to watch the Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family between 8-9 PM. If I stayed glued to the TV Manix cam on at 9 PM.

Today, look at what comes on TV Fridays between 8-10PM.

In the old days, people actually spoke to each other and shared an opportunity. Margaret would break out her recipe for blueberry muffins, the husband would lay out some products and by 8PM, you'd have a new enrollee.

It was fun. It was people sharing with each other. Granted, today we don't have the time like we used to. I know that.

Today, mention warm marketing and people flip the bird at you and jump over to some hot-new "3 by" matrix roll-up gizmo site.

And thank the Lord for such technology.

But at what expense have we paid for it?

On one hand it has made everything faster.

Plus, we no longer have to pile up post cards late into the night and lick-n-label because tomorrow we want to mail 500 out to sponsor some more folks.

The internet saves us time and money. Plus it builds for us faster. Okay----but with that comes the fact that your new enrollee will also be in 12 other deals, maybe by next week.

Thank you Internet. Thanks a lot.

In the old days, MLM was a personal development program with a compensation plan attached to it.

That was what glued people to us. Because we were in fact, sharing the good news about human potential and in fact, telling people that whatever Caeser did, they could do better.

That greatness was an equal opportunity thing.

However, self help doesn't work. Simply because there is never any reinforcement and repetitive conditioning. Where MLM worked, was that it was CONSTANT support and constant attention to attitudes that turns flunkies into serious F/T entrepreneurs.

I am a living example. I was a ten time MLM loser who flipped into the chips.

But I earned my stripes.

But today? Try telling a new guy that he should buy Mr. Trainers tape set for $24.95.

And why not? Mr. Trainer makes $51,000 per month and he is a top earner in the program the guy just joined.

But the new guy won't buy the training. All he wants is his auto-responder loaded with content, pre-made ads to use and while your at it, you better feed him some enrollee's into that matrix you just junkied him into.

FORGET the training.
FORGET the education.
Gimme some leads.
Gimme some people.
Gimme a pile on.
FORGET learning any skills.

Retail? Wuts dat?
Expose, involve and upgrade? Wutz dat?

You know what? It's easy to enroll five to eight per month from a batch of 27 customers that already bought something from you last month.

But who has the time for RETAIL?
Where is my F/T check?

Retail? Wuts dat?

It's a new day isn't it. It's a day where money is model, not people.

Today, it's about speed and greed.

Not about people or even the notion of learning the skill of MARKETING and learning HOW TO ENROLL 2-5 per month.

Heck today, your best enrolling technique is to JUMP INTO a HOT-NEW pre-launch.

That's how the little guy gets some fast meat. Some new enrollees.

Opps, but what skill was taught?
What will Johnny Tow-Truck do later on?
How will he build next month?

Years ago, we BOOED the heals (bad guys) in professional wrestling. You know, the conceited arrogant belt brats of wrestling.

Today, those ARE THE STARS that people beg to touch.

Times have changed.
Now we cheer for the bad guy.
Now we openly play money games.

How freakin sick is have we gotten?

Years ago, it was Frank Sinatra and Elvis.

Later it was the sheer beauty of Lennon and McCartney. Throw in some Stevie Nicks for extra measure and welcome to the 80's and 90's.

The good ole days.

Great. Now my kids listen to prostitutes with their bosoms hanging out and hear about PEOPLE BASHING from Emenem.

Ever watch Bitt Spears or Shakira today? Ever see what the magazines are telling our daughters to do and wear?

Psycho-snipers, the war on the horizon, the sex shows on MTV. Cheering for the BAD GUYS in wrestling. Fast money. Lottery MLM and sumtin for nuttin.

Me? I use the internet to express myself. I use network marketing as a vessel for me to be a good news merchant and share the old days with folks.

I kept the people in this people business. I advertise my cell phone. Always. I am approachable. But it's a choice.

I don't hide out on-line. Most MLM'ers do.

But I am not an MLM'er. I am a Networker.

I choose to make money slower because when it's made slower, it's made to last.

Skill lies within time.
Skill is the child of patience.
It takes a skill to Network like a Pro.

The devil is behind fast money. Try Xplaining this November 25 over the bird, what you actually do on-line.

As you pass the cranberry sauce and lick your chops between chomps on the stuffing, start a conversation about the internet and what you spend 3-5 hours per doing.

Try it. See if it passes the giggle test.

See if regular folks want to talk to you about MLM lottery on-line.

After all, all you have to do is join right?

Just buy the auto-ship ticket and you too can play MLM heavy-hitter---and FAST!

Better get in early!
Better lock-n-roll and fast!
I hear Guru # 34 built this site. WOWZEES!
THAT makes it all worth it.
GURU #34 created this site.

He's never really done MLM. Doesn't have anyone FRONT LINE he taught to make $5,000 to $10,000 per month.

ZERO LEADERSHIP documentation.

But his last Ebook was the bomb.


(can you say blind compliance?)

Remember though. Everything duplicates after it's own kind.

What kind of scent are you putting out? Does the last program you joined attract business people or the bottom feeders who can't network?

If you think LONG TERM these are good questions.

Everything duplicates after it's own kind.

Is the MLM you just hopped into, does it teach principles and networking ideals or is it FAST-GET IN EARLY based.

Hmm. Me thinks that's not a business but simply a ticket to a do-over.

== ONE Big Do-Over ===

A do over is when what you did last year was of little value to anyone, long term and then this year you have to oh-no, re-build all over again.

It's a do-over. No momentum.

No lasting residual money.
No lasting downline.
No true organizational pride.
Not really, anything of true value.

Opps, it's a do over. It's March 2003 and you have to work your list and show them yet, another hot JUST LAUNCHED!

Launches are good. It's what builds enterprise. But to jump on a new one every six weeks?

Just how easily do you hand over your credit card and name? Not to mention your list and your TIME?

In the old days, we built a downline to feed us for a life-time. We bought the ticket that allowed us to get paid in 1-2 years, for the work we do now.

The sad thing is, most people today are having to start over ever quarter.

What's sadder, is in 12 months they won't be paid on what they did last month.

Most likely. Because what they were selling was only attractive to the internet junkie. Not the Networker.

Networkers build your business. Internet junkies are doing 12 deals and never have the stamina, the faith or even the business resolve to pick a few main programs and actually build a business under them.

For them, that's too slow.

At some point, you have to have a talk with yourself. And ask yourself this, am I being made the fool?

Is what I am doing a business or One big fat boys game? What kinds of people am I enrolling?

It's a shame to waste your best earning years. It's even nastier to waste your name.

Because then you lose your self-esteem and decide to the leave the industry you used to love, because in fact, the industry ate you for lunch. But think. Because you always have a choice.

Life teaches us how to think and thinking teaches us how to live.

What happened to us as an industry where you could give people 15% and 45% on there first two levels?

Heck, grow a little four wide with ten second level and you are making $600 per month.

What happened to us that people think THAT isn't enough? That they could make money faster elsewhere with a faster recruiting system.

Years ago, we'd be lucky to have 10% available to us on the first two levels.

Today, give people 60% and they still won't be able to enroll and lead a team to 10-15 active.

THEY DON'T KNOW HOW. The refuse to LEARN the skill of enrolling people.

The reason is because inside, they are ASHAMED of this industry and they can't take "MLM" to people they know.

They hide behind an auto-responder and to-it-for-me-sites and actually think in 90 days that will make them $1,000 to $4,000 per month.

That's where a LOT of people are today. That' why now is the time to pick what CAMP you will sell.

You need to choose wisely what MESSAGE you are going to promote.

Think about it hard. Are you and will you sell a lottery or will you promote a business?

Years ago we sold mini-franchises in MLM.

It was $1,000 to get started and you talked to everyone you knew.

Now, MLM has turned into something we secretly do on-line when no one is watching.

Me? I am on the streets. Doing presentations. Getting mocked out by MLM bashers who think what I do is a pyramid. I mail post-cards---surprise!----I mail out tapes.

I actually have a business.

--- OLD IDEA ---

The NATURAL ECONOMY of nature is to reserve wealth for the few who PAY the price and resist wealth from the greedy.

That's natures natural scale of economy. It rewards those that will DO WHATEVER IT TAKES and keep money away from hucksters and wimps who actually steal people's self-esteem from them.

And their money. And their resolve. And steals your name and your time.

(Don't forget, they tramp through your list too!)

Nature is cool. It has everything worked out. Try to trick nature and try to make money EASILY and FAST and she is watching EVERY LAST MOVE you make.

She will make sure it crumbles.
She will make sure you lose your people.
Nature will make sure you lose.

And then satan whispers something in your ear and you start all over again.

And again. And again. And again.

It's one big do-over and nothing lasts.

Pick your moves carefully my friends.

There are no short-cuts. Nature wouldn't allow it.

In you is a GENIUS. In you is a collective consciousness that really does know it all.

YOU CAN HEAR the words of past GENIUSES.

They guide you. YOU know who is gonna call before they call in an hour or two.

YOU ARE A GENIUS that is untapped.

YOU are JUST AS MAGNIFICENT as all $100,000 per month earners.

If that is, you take the time to listen.
If you take the time to hear.
If you do what is right.
If you make it a white hot passion.

Excellence versus mediocrity.

U-pick. U're life.


Try this. Buy a journal and WRITE down at least 20 THINGS that POP INTO YOUR head every day for a month.

And you will SEE that the WISDOM of the AGES is passing through your mind.

=== MEGA-MIND ===

FACT, most people don't take themselves serious and they DO NOT take the time to LISTEN to themselves.

GOD is WALKING through your mind. WRITE down what He says.


WRITE down what passes THROUGH your MIND.

Jay Abraham and Brian Garvin and FRANK GARON and JIMMY VIGILANTE are walking THROUGH your mind.

What I AM thinking you have access to. What I feel and do you can access.

== Here's an Example, Proof:

How is it that within four months six BIG NAME affiliate guys all launched their own LEAD DEAL?

How? ITS IN THE AIR. GENIUS is a shared experience.

THINK what you are creating is a secret? THINK again.

GENIUS is in the air. LISTEN and you will hear it. Read THINK and GROW Rich By Napoloean Hill, it's all [this] there

On HOW this works.

YOU ARE A GENIUS yet un-tapped.

a) Give yourself permission to be great.
b) Prepare to be ridiculed.
c) Allow yourself to be you and to be outrageous.
d) WRITE down what you HEAR in your head.
e) DO 20% of what is IN YOUR HEAD.
f) You'll be in a new world in 90 days!

And Lord knows, you DESERVE it!

On your side, I believe in you Buddy,

Joe Schroeder
The Labor Plant at Schroeder Publishing

Copyrights 2002

Joe has authored 32 audiotapes, eight manuals, booklets, featured on the cover of Upline Magazine and Six Figure Income Magazine.

FREE training CD will teach you how you can start sponsoring 5 or more people into your business each and every month!

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Dentsu Aegis Network makes second executive appointment in a week  AdNewsMerkle, Dentsu Aegis Network's performance marketing agency, has appointed Rebecca Tos as managing director of Australia and New Zealand.
Massive Growth for Social Network Marketing Market by 2019-2026: Focusing on Leading Players Like Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr  industryreports24.comSocial Network Marketing Market analysis report has recently added by QYReports which helps to make informed business decisions. This research report ...
Mark Kelly Was A Pitchman For A Multi-Level Marketing Company Selling Supplements  HuffPostThe key Democratic Senate candidate, who vowed to refuse corporate PAC money, has longstanding ties to corporations through speaking engagements.
The Trouble With Multilevel Marketing Schemes  Yahoo FinanceMultilevel marketing is better known by the companies and products and uncomfortable/ annoying pitches associated with it -- think Herbalife (NYSE: HLF) and ...
Houston stadium rebrands with aspirational new logo to reflect city spirit  InnovationMapRebranding is no easy feat for any company, much less one with 75.5 million customers and a presence in over 30 countries. BBVA, formerly BBVA Compass in ...
Social Network Marketing Market – Opportunities and Forecast 2019-2026 with Key Players:, Classmates, Facebook Inc., Flickr, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn Corp.  Market Research ReportSocial Network Marketing is a form of internet marketing that creates and shares *content* on social networks to achieve marketing and branding goals. Social ...
How MLMs — multilevel marketing schemes — are hurting female friendships  Chicago TribuneWomen and multilevel marketing companies have gone together since Tupperware and Mary Kay were introduced in the middle of the 20th century. While some ...
Let’s look at your side hustle  HeraldLIVELet's look at your side hustle. Because, although it is often said that the only constant in life is change, this statement never rang truer than it does in the present ...
Direct Selling In India A New Approach-Arindam Goswami  BW BusinessworldArindam Goswami - Direct selling can be undertaken by anyone regardless of age, gender, educational qualification, or experience level and is largely ...
What Is the Difference Between Multi-Level Marketing, Direct Sales, and Pyramid Schemes?  The Cheat SheetThere are people who use the terms multi-level marketing, direct sales, and pyramid scheme interchangeably – those people are wrong. Not everyone who hits ...
Multi-level marketing fraud, One held by Cyberabad police  The Hans IndiaAuthority of the Economic Offences Wing EOW of Cyberabad commissionerate arrested one of the distributors of Future Maker Life Care FMLC Pvt Limited in a ...
eBay shuttering eBay Commerce Network, its third-party advertising network  Marketing LandEBay notified merchants and publishers Tuesday that it will be closing down its third-party ad network, the eBay Commerce Network (ECN), as of May 1.
Kiwis who hope multi-level marketing will transform their lives"If you get in early you are sitting very pretty. But if you come into the scheme late it's a heck of a hassle."
QNet Cancels V-Con Dubai Leaving Thousands of Agents in Soup  MoneylifeQNet, the controversial multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme, has cancelled V-Con, its high profile, flagship annual event that was scheduled to be held in Dubai ...
4 IIT-K dropouts among 9 arrested in MLM fraud  Deccan HeraldThe economic offences wing of the Cyberabad police on Saturday arrested nine youths, including four IIT-Kharagpur dropouts, in an alleged multi-level ...
Unilever, Diageo, Facebook, Google and more form global 'digital safety' alliance  The Drum16 of the world's biggest advertisers, including Diageo, Unilever, BP, Adidas and Mars, have formed an alliance with platforms like Facebook and Google, ...
Global Private LTE Network Market Insights, Future Scope, Business Opportunities, Growth Analysis and Industry Outlook 2019  Industry ResearchThe main objective of Private LTE Network report is to provide detailed information about the Private LTE Network industry based on the market potentials, ...
The 15 Most Hated Multi-Level Marketing Companies Right Now  The Cheat SheetEveryone, from the sales reps to the customers, loves to hate these MLM companies.
The Dream’s Jane Marie on MLMs and the Illuminati  VoxThe host of the popular podcast about multi-level marketing explains where all that money goes.

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