Hey Dummy, Youre Asking The Wrong MLM Questions! ($$$$)

Talk about total dumbness. I wasted over $3,200 and maybe like four (4) years asking ALL THE WRONG questions.

Does your program sell inside of other countries?

Does your upline earn $50,000 per month?

Does your company manufacture their own products oh and, does your nutrition products have X,Y,Z ingredients?

What percentage of opt ins does your affiliate site capture? Give me ratios.

[the Bloke asking about ratios doesn't even know how to raise his own opt-in list to over 100 people and yet he is asking about ratiosJ )

Think about it. NONE of that adds up to money. It's just an indecisive re-run wasting your time.

Before I enroll with you fax me your MLM geneology report, I want to enroll with someone who is doingthedo, not a blow hard yakker-upper.

Here is what that means:

BE a BUSINESS person and only work and enroll with someone who is at least earning $200 to $500 per month.

Set higher standards for yourself and for the person TRYING to recruit you.

MISTAKE: Do you falsely think that enrolling with a MAJOR PLAYER is your answer? Guess what, most major players (with gold implants) are so busy running their army that they have little time' for newbies.

So, think twice before you search for the Holy Grail and look for a Millionaire to enroll you!

Mistake: DO NOT JOIN and be sponsored by a STRANGER who has yet not proven to you that they ACTUALLY make money in what they are TRYING to sell you for dag-gum sakes already.

Oops. I already told you that one. Next,

You need to build a business, not to make new friends on-line.

Logic. Just logic.

DO YOU have an off line system and if you do, mail it to me for FREE to look at.

Look guys, let me give the [MLM] WISDOM of the AGES:

ALL and I mean all great programs have a GREAT off line sales process. From Herbal Life to ForMor to Nu-Creations to Melaleuca. Plus that Noni company too.


YOU DO NOT build your MLM on-line.
YOU do not run a TV Network on TV.
YOU do not sell books at Amazon.com

MIND-SHIFT: You purchase books at Amazon that were sold to you off line.

Here is what I mean:

TV Networks are BUILT outside of and off TV. BOOKS are sold through word of mouth and marketing that happens between people, not between clicks and your PC.

YOU do not BUILD an MLM on-line. Ever.

You capture leads and much of your Incubation with prospects is on-line, but they are sold OFF line. Ask any Pro.

Also, you market and people incubate on-line and off line and they use multiple sources of media to plant their consciousness into your program.

Hence, without OFF Line tools and tapes and a true DIRECT RESPONSE media plan for MLM direct response and you [IS] dead.

HISTORY says so, not Jake Stone.

Here is a SECRET and a hidden MLM factor that the brand NEW people never think to INVESTIGATE:

1)ALL great MLM plans perpetuate and explode FIRST off line. Moreover, all GREAT MLM's and significant downlines have a POWER PACK of off line systems and tools.

Don't they.

BE SMART: Look at that and investigate that BEFORE you join a program.

2)The only people attempting to sell you an INTERNET MLM are get rich quickers who have TERRIBLE social skills, who can't recruit others and lead, and who HIDE, literally, behind their computers.

Every hear an SFI conference call? Think about it.

Does the "hot" MLM site that you use have an off-line audio tape? No? That's because they do not have any true DIRECT RESPONSE in their system.

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

Does the white hot "affiliate" web-site that you use to build your MLM also have post cards and tapes and drop cards and off line systems to BRING people [back] to your site?

If not, that because you are using a reflection of a business model, not an actual proven tried and true business plan.

Dumb and getting dumber. I used to be. Then I learned HOW TO EVALUATE any opportunity objectively. Then I learned how to take that information that I accumulated and turned that into a F/T income for my family and me.

YOU certainly can too. You can and you know you can! Next,

DUMB: I was so dumb, that years back I was sucker punched into believing that PRODUCTS made the program. Go ahead, mock me out for that, my wife did.


Because guess what, products DONT make you money, leadership does.

If products made you rich, you'd already be living in a Castle because how many HOT PRODUCTS have you tried to sell over the years?

and where are you today, are you full-time yet?

IF hot-hot internet sites were the answer, you would already have 500 ACTIVE under you and you would be F/T by now.

Is the leadership of your company that STARTED your company STILL visible, active and in place?

WHY is that a good question? BECAUSE that question identifies whether or not the company can maintain its original leadership.

For example, in ForMor International, of which I joined some five years ago, the ORIGINAL people and leadership is still very active, they run conference calls and they are visible.

Still doingthedo.

That's speaks volumes about ForMor and that's a question you need answered when evaluating any program.

isn't it.

Look, if you are THINKING like a legitimate business person and not some re-run get-rich quicker, you are THINKING long term.

SO ask intelligent LONG term questions.

Last tip and this will challenge your logic. Watch this,

When choosing a program to WRAP your FAMILY name on, not to mention your family's TIME and money, choose 2-3-4 programs and JOIN all of them.

That's a paradigm shift, isn't it.

Do this:

Pick 2-3-4 HOT PROGRAMS and just flat out join them. Join them for the single intent to GET INSIDE.

Do that to learn,

How is their customer service? You won't know until you join. Will you.

How long does delivery of their products take? You won't know until you join.

Are the products actually any good and hey? HOW will I be treated by my sponsor and upline AFTER we consummate the signing and the prospecting dollar dance?

One never knows, does one, until you are in and you have already invested hundreds of dollars and it's too late to look back.

So instead,

INVEST $300 and join 2-3-4 hot deals that you are seriously looking at.

Then, take 2-3-4 weeks and kick the tires.

Real world logic. That's all that is.

I lost well over $3,000 and years of my life asking all the dumb questions.

Now I make twice that in a week. But it didn't happen without knowing what to look for, knowing what factors actually makes a program a success and doingthedo.

How many GOOD earning years do you have left, maybe a dozen?

So why WASTE such precious time!!!!

But instead, most people spend all of their time TRYING TO REASON everything out and they never actually DO THE BUSINESS.

All of a sudden they are spending $300 per month BEING a LURKER in other people's business. They will buy course after course and Ebook after Ebook and do nothing but waste their time trying to REASON everything out so it fits nice and neat into their brains.

But that's a whole nother story, isn't it.

Hope this helps, I am sure it did.

Take care,

Joe Schroeder

Joe has authored 32 audiotapes, eight manuals, booklets, featured on the cover of Upline Magazine and Six Figure Income Magazine.

FREE training CD will teach you how you can start sponsoring 5 or more people into your business each and every month!


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