MLM Recruiting Training - The 10 Questions about Your Network Marketing Recruiting Presence

MLM Presence.

Does yours work FOR you, or AGAINST you?

Good question! Many times, in a Recruiting session, your presence totally will set the environment for how the recruiting conversation or appointment goes. Your MLM Recruiting Presence says more to the prospect many times than the words you choose to vocalize. It is the one single influencing factor that many times will determine if your prospect will join you or not. It is that powerful of a factor in Network Marketing recruiting.

I am so honored and blessed to work with a lot of folks around the world, and one of the biggest problems I see with the struggling Network Marketer, is the lack of "Success Presence" in their demeanor. They come across like they are anything but Successful, let alone on their way to Success. You MUST have a Magnetic Presence to recruit effectively.

What exactly is Presence?

It is the "Aura" or "Feeling" that people feel from you and get when they are around you.

It is the "Instinctive Feeling" that is triggered in people when they see you.

It is the "Knowing" that people can have about you, and who they perceive you to be.

Have you ever been around someone that you didn't know why, but you simply didn't feel comfortable being around them, something just wasn't "right?" Something about them made red flags go off in your instincts.

That was their presence that you were feeling.

Have you ever met someone and immediately felt comfortable with them? It was just something about them, and how they looked at you and how they made you feel so good?

That was their presence you were feeling.

One of the Biggest Secrets to MLM Recruiting is creating a "Magnetic Presence" so people are literally attracted to talking to you and want to be around you.

Let's take a test about your presence and see how you come out:

Here are 10 Insightful questions:

1) Does your Presence have a "warmth" about it that people enjoy being around?

2) Does your Presence say "I am interested in YOU", or "I am interested in ME?"

3) Do you look people in the eye 90% of the time and stretch you hand out first to shake hands?

4) Is your body language open, and receptive to creating and catalyzing new friendships, or is it closed and expecting people to come to you ?

5) Do your conversations focus on the PROSPECT and what they are interested in, or focus on YOU and what YOU are interested in?

6) Do you have a Confidence about you and your business, and do they hear a sincere BELIEF in your words , or a lack of it when you talk to folks?

7) Do you VALIDATE the prospect, and make them feel good about who they are, or constantly Validate YOU and make you feel good about who you are?

8) Do you smile easily, and make others smile, or smile rarely, and make others uneasy?

9) Do you have a focus of "helping others" or "hyping others"?

10) Do you come across as a LEADER, or a "Feeder" who feeds their own self interests first?

These are some tough MLM questions!

You must understand that your Presence is what we call: "Your Silent Calling Card". It is the first thing someone sees and feels about you, and will determine a lot of their first (and probably last) impression. It will determine a lot about the Success in Network Marketing Recruiting.

Well? What did you find out about your presence?

Let me suggest you look at the 10 questions and go to work on your MLM Recruiting Presence.

If you do, Your MLM Recruiting will improve dramatically, almost overnight.

Try it, you'll see what I mean.

blessings... doug Firebaugh (c) 2005/ all rights reserved

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