Create a Personal Development Structure to Support Your Network Marketing Success

You're in consistent and persistent massive prospecting action. You are honoring your commitment to speak with a minimum number of prospects daily while following up with all interested parties on a timely basis. Let's look at some personal development structures you might put into place to gather feedback regarding how you can maximize your personal effectiveness with everyone you speak.

1. Rate Each Prospecting Communication You Have (1 = ineffective, self-absorbed, no rapport developed to 10 = powerful, rich value created, you've bonded with your prospect) With Respect to How Powerfully You Guided the Conversation

Follow the 5 steps below to ensure that your prospecting conversations are most effective.

Step 1: Create an opening to be heard.

Step 2: Determine if your suspect is indeed a prospect by getting permission to ask him a few questions before exploring your income opportunity with him.

Step 3: Speak your commitment to your prospect in some way.

Step 4: Create rich possibilities that inspire action.

Step 5: End by making a request that moves the conversation in a forward direction.

After each conversation you have, review each of the above steps to analyze how effectively you accomplished each point. Ask yourself "What worked about my conversation and what was missing, that if put into place, would support my next conversation to be more productive and powerful?"

Start your analysis by focusing first upon step1. How well did you create an opening with your prospect? Did you develop sufficient rapport and discover what was important to her or missing in her life? Did you uncover the seeds of discontent to which your opportunity might contribute? How could you have been more effective in breaking the ice and creating an opening for your prospect to want to explore your offering without feeling pressure or obligation?

Work on the elements you perceive to be missing so that your next conversation is more productive. Once you've developed a degree of proficiency with this step, go on to step 2. Ask yourself "Did I get my prospects permission to ask questions to explore how my opportunity may be a fit? Was I respectful of my prospect's time or did I come across as pushy, arrogant and intrusive? Did I dump information rather than ask questions to open up the conversation? Did I talk at a person who had not yet agreed to look with me to explore a fit?

Again, rate from 1 to 10 how well you accomplished these objectives and how you can do so more effectively next time. If you realize that you dumped information and did not fully explore what was important to your prospect, feel free to go back and refocus on these areas. Say something like "Sally, I realized after we last spoke, I failed to ask you sufficiently about your goals and dreams. Can you please tell me, let's assume that you agree to join our team in partnership and work with me toward your family's economic freedom, how much money would you need to be earning monthly a few years from now for you to be able to look back on this day as the day you made one of the best decisions of your life?" Once you determine how much residual income your prospect wants to earn, ask "May I ask you one more question When you're earning this amount of money each and every month, how would your life and the lives of your family be impacted? What would change? Would you buy a new home or car, travel more, work less, free yourself up to retire early, or put your kids through college?" You get the idea!

Don't step over your oversight. Go back and re-address it. Make a mental note to do so with your next prospect as well. Once your satisfied with your progress in this area, work on step 3.

Ask yourself, "Did I speak my commitment first to exploring a fit without obligation or pressure and then to my prospect's ultimate success? Does he know that I am and will be successful and if he chooses to join me, he can be as well? Does he know that I can show him exactly what it will take to reach the income level that will impact his life?" Similarly, with regard to step 4, did I create such value that my prospect feels honored to have had me share my opportunity with him? Did I demonstrate to him in simple terms what it would take for him to be successful in this business? Did I effectively show him that he already knows several people who would be great in this business and all he needs to do is set up a call for me to speak with them? Does he realize that he will not need to enroll a whole lot of people to be very successful in our company, just 4 to 6 business builders? Again, rate yourself, ask what's missing and commit to put these items in place for your next conversation.

Lastly, look to see if you made a powerful request to move the conversation in a forward direction that will support your prospect's needs and desires. Does she perceive your request as being in her best interest or self-serving to meet only your needs? Did you specify "by when" you are requesting that she take action and did she agree to your request? Have you set up a follow up time to speak so that you might support her to further learn about your company, products and offering to better see if it may be a fit for her life?

As you continue to analyze your effectiveness in each area, always ask yourself "How could I create more value? How could I be more charismatic and effective in my communication? What's missing to have my skills reach the level of a masterful enroller?

Though this self-discovery will yield many productive insights, there will always be areas where we are unable to see our own limitations. Without requesting the feedback of others who are skilled in listening for what may be missing in your communications, your conversations will likely reach a plateau in their efficacy. This brings us to our second personal development structure.

2. Request that your upline sponsor or qualified business partner listen in on some of your calls or join you on some of your in-person presentations. Better yet, listen to or sit in on several other successful enrollers' calls and meetings. Determine how they are able to move the conversation forward to achieve enrollment success. Pick up on important phrases, questions and techniques that you might incorporate into your presentations. Alternate observing others with having them listen to you. Consider their feedback as possible places for you to look to improve upon your own presentations.

3. Record an hour's worth of several prospecting conversations. You can purchase an inexpensive telephone recording device along with a cassette recorder that can be used to create these tapes. Make a few copies of each tape and ask 3 of your coaches or upline partners to listen to them at a time that they can take detailed notes to analyze what worked about each conversation and what was lacking to have it come across as most powerful and productive.

4. Ask your prospects for feedback. Say something like "John, I appreciate you speaking with me today and listening to some information about our company, product line and income opportunity. I'm working on my listening and communication skills. Would you mind giving me some feedback with respect to a few areas? I would greatly appreciate your candid feedback." If your prospect agrees, ask, "Did you feel I was respectful of your time and opinions? Did you feel that I was interested in looking to see if our opportunity might contribute to your life, without pressure or obligation? Did you clearly understand how you could become successful in our business? Did you think that I created rich value or was something lacking in that regard? Would you like to share any insights you may have about how I could be more effective in future conversations? Thank your prospect for her contribution. If she is glad to support your growth, you might take advantage of her generosity by asking if she knows anyone who may be interested in earning an extra income.

5. Hire a Coach

If you were a gifted athlete intent on qualifying to compete in the Olympic Games, you probably wouldn't even consider the possibility of not having a coach to champion your success. Why would striving to achieve great success in your business and your life be any different? A coach is a person who is trained to ask the right questions to get you to identify missing elements in these arenas. When these missing pieces are put in place, the result is a significant difference in your productivity, happiness, fulfillment and your ability to impact others. Coaches go way beyond training. Training is about conveying information. Coaching is about gaining access to areas we are otherwise blind to discovering about ourselves and our businesses. Coaches source breakthrough revelations by supporting us to explore the arena of what we don't know that we don't know. They champion our successes, our happiness and our visions. Skilled coaches claim our goals as their own and act as our partners to look with us to see what's working optimally and what's missing that has the results we are after remain elusive to us. They listen to both what we say as well as to what is left unsaid. They do this by asking questions, exploring possibilities, making requests and, at times, confronting issues that may need to be examined.

The most effective coaches are familiar with and skilled in the arenas in which they offer coaching support. In Network Marketing, no matter how skilled a coach may be, if she has not built a successful organization herself, there are likely many success distinctions that she may be missing in this arena to properly guide your success and accomplishment. An ideal Network Marketing coach will have the ability to also train in successful methodology when needed. He will also be well versed in the art of how to maximize personal effectives since so much about enrollment success depends upon how well we are able to listen to what's important to our prospects or missing in their lives and then powerfully communicate the value inherent in our income opportunity.

For a coaching relationship to be most effective, you must be willing to look with your coach at whatever areas he suggests without becoming defensive or argumentative. Coaches typically do not have the answers themselves. Those being coached do. It is by knowing which questions to ask that coaches are able to best support their clients in examining areas that conceal breakthroughs in their understanding and more importantly in who they are as a possibility for others.

Coaching in the personal development arena can offer an access to unleashing one's personal power and effectiveness. Of course, total confidentiality must exist to create the safety necessary to be able to explore any topic without fear of judgment or reprisals. Personal development coaching might involve such areas as impacting business productivity, enhancing relationships, achieving optimum health, creating wealth, or developing structures to champion personal effectiveness. True coaches are values-based and interact with those coached from a position of respect while at the same time operating from a commitment to rigor if that is what's needed to support someone to "get it." Effective coaches are committed to excellence and do not step over issues because of a desire to be liked or to avoid uncomfortable topics. They hold their clients as totally capable of achieving break though success in any arena by listening for what may be missing that if put into place would fully honor the person's goals and values.

Many Network Marketing companies are blessed with competent coaches. Many also support personal development programs to champion their distributors to be their very best. If you'd like to explore taking on a program to champion your productivity, success and happiness, our company, The Center for Personal Reinvention, offers custom tailored programs for individuals and groups. Read more about how we might support your life and business to work optimally at or contact me personally at [email protected] . Another suggestion would be to take on a self-study personal development program. I wrote The Power to Succeed: 30 Principles for Maximizing Your Personal Effectiveness and The Power to Succeed: More Principles for Powerful Living, Book II for this very reason. You can read some excerpts at the site above as well.

Dr. Joe Rubino is an internationally acclaimed trainer, author and success coach. He is the author of 10 best selling books available in 19 languages and 48 countries, including "Secrets Of Building A Million-Dollar Network-Marketing Organization From A Guy Who's Been There Done That And Shows You How To Do It, Too" which has been called by industry experts the best book available on how to build a successful MLM business. His new book, "The 7-Step System to Building a $1,000,000 Network Marketing Dynasty" from which this article was adapted is being used as a training guide by many Network Marketing companies and top distributors. He is also the creator of the acclaimed audio album and workbook, "10 Weeks to Network Marketing Success: The Secrets to Launching Your Very Own Million-Dollar Organization In a 10-Week Business-Building and Personal-Development Self-Study Course."

For more information on Dr. Rubino's coaching programs, books, tapes, CDs and courses, visit, e-mail to: [email protected].

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