Traditional University or MLM University? You Choose

Time moves very fast and time is money, as they say. When people seek other types of knowledge in life, such as general knowledge acquired from traditional schools, colleges and universities, they are prepared to wait and spend 3-7 years before they can see result they seek such as grades and Degree.

Unfortunately, people cannot wait such long years to learn life skills. Everyone wants success now!

Think about it for a minute, the benefits you will derive from the time spent in traditional university where you spend 3 years cannot be compared to the enourmous benefits you'll gain from attending MLM university.

Network Marketing business should be treated as if you are attending a university. In this university, you'll learn so many skills such as entrepreneural skills, financial skills, leaderships skills and so on. You'll also learn other life skills and personal development skills. Do all these success skills worth 3 years of your life?

All the skills required to survive in MLM business cannot be learned in few months in the business, just like a university degree cannot be earned in less than a year.

The slow and steady accumulation of wealth while learning all these skills that will help you build a successful worldwide business is worth 2-3 years of your life.

Many successful MLMer set themselves long-term goals alongside short-term goals and are not in a rush to acquire a million dollars few months into the business. Don't get me wrong, it's possible to set high goals and achieve them but the impression of joining MLM to make fast bucks should be removed from a new distributor so that they can have a great start.

It is in your best interest to prepare new distributors to be ready to commit at least 2 years with serious hard work and dtermination to succeed. And the good thing about MLM university is that you earn as you learn and the income continues to grow.

The reward and difference between spending 3 years in MLM university and in traditional university can be seen on the pay-check after the 3 year period. Please bear in mind that general knowledge acquired in university is equally important but the point i am stressing here is that in order to avoid false expectation of income potential of the business, it's important to prepare new distributors of what to expect and the time it'll take to be a graduate in the business.

Set short-term goals, mid-term goals and long-term goals, with hardwork and commitment you will never have to look for jobs after your graduation from MLM university.

Aliyu Odumosu

Free Network Marketing Tips Online

Author of Beginner's Guide To Network Marketing

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