MLM Training: The Network Marketing Success Secret of Knowing Your REAL Inventory in MLM

Let me ask you a very simple question:

What is your inventory in MLM?

Now, don't look too much into this question, it is a very simple one. But let me ask you this question again.

What is your inventory in Network Marketing and MLM?

Is it Vitamins?

Nutritional Products?

Weight Loss Products?


Noni Juice?

Internet Products?

Skin Care Products?

Make up?

Telecommunication services?

Travel services?

Wholesale Purchase program and Service?

Legal Service Products?

Insurance Products?

Training Products?

Children's Educational Products?

Pre-packaged Food Products?

The Real Network Marketing Deal:

If you are going to succeed in MLM, then you must know a few things.

What you market to the masses, the products you sell:

Are the COMPANY'S inventory, not yours.

YOUR Inventory is NOT the products you order from the company.

Let me repeat that:

Your Inventory is NOT-- again--NOT-- the products you order from the company and take to the marketplace.

They are the products that belong to the mlm company, even though you may purchase them, they are still the products of the network marketing company.

The company manufactures/developed them, and you simply are a messenger for the network marketing company to talk about them to others.

What is your REAL INVENTORY?

PEOPLE are your inventory -- PERIOD!

Your Prospects, your Customers, and your Downline.

Let me repeat that.

Your Prospects, your Customers, and your Downline.

One more time:

Your Prospects, your Customers, and your Downline are your REAL Inventory.

And they always will be. What is your inventory looking like? No business can operate without enough inventory.

"Where 's the MLM Beef?"

If someone is struggling in this business, many times I will ask them to "Show me your inventory," and they will look totally puzzled. They many times look at me like a deer in headlights.

I will then precede to tell them that most folks who are struggling in MLM always seem to have a LOW Inventory of People, including customers and distributors.

And what business would last if their inventory constantly ran low?

And you must restock your inventory from time to time as well, as some inventory will become "outdated," resistant to marketplace change, and useless to your business.

As many distributors will as well.

If you are struggling in your business, take a look at your inventory. You may find a CLUE there.

Remember the " MLM SuccessFire Formula for Success":

No Inventory = No Igniting! No Igniting = No ONFIRE Business!

Blessings...Doug (c) 2005/ all rights reserved

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Doug Firebaugh is one of the top MLM Network Marketing Trainers in the world. Over a million people a month read his training ezine. He spent the last 7 years traveling the world speaking and training on Success. He lives in Birmingham Michigan, and you can receive a FREE subscription to his training ezine- The MLM Success HEAT- at: and

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