9 Sure Fire Methods to explode your Downline

Everyone dreams of building a Profitable MLM Sales Team. Unfortunately many MLM Sales Team suffer from Massive Bleeding that starts at the Bottom and keeps moving up Month after Month. Here are 9 Simple Steps you can follow to not only stop the Bleeding but continue to grow your organization strong.

1 - Newsletter

Send out a weekly newsletter with a brief tip. Let your members know you care. It has been said they don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Use your newsletter to acknowledge and praise key team members, give tips and advice etc.

2 - Free Newsgroup

A newsgroup is a great way to promote teamwork. It enables your team members to help each other. A Newsgroup sets your team apart and makes it seem special.

Some Tips to Quick start your newsgroup:
Visit the Newsgroup often giving and requesting feedback. Make sure your team members know that you will visit the newsgroup on a regular basis. You might even want to post a schedule letting your team members know when you will visit the newsgroup. That way if your team members request feedback from you they will know when your next scheduled visit will be

Use your weekly newsletter from step 1 to promote your newsgroup and encourage your team members to take advantage of the newsgroup. Have a section of your newsletter devoted to your newsgroup.

You can set up a free Newsgroup at Yahoo, Google and MSN

3 - Set up a Free Forum

A Forum is similar to a newsgroup. A Forum has more features then a newsgroup and can be used in addition to or instead of a News Group. You can set up a free forum here http://forumwise.com/

4 - Blog

A Blog can be used to compliment your newsletter. Your blog is an additional way to keep in contact with your Team and show them you care. Make it a point to have a Quick Tips or Tools you can post once or twice a week in your blog. The Blog is also a great place to post timely updates. You should also post your weekly newsletter in your blog as an easy way for your team members to see previous newsletters. Encourage your team members to start their own blogs and even offer to link to team member blogs.

5 - Conference Calls

Organize regular Conference Calls. Conference calls can be used as a recruiting tool. Conference calls can also be used as a way to motivate and help your team. You should have some members only conference calls weekly in addition to conference calls each weeks devoted to recruiting. http://www.freeconference.com/

6 - The Buddy System

Set up small buddy groups. Encourage these buddy groups to have weekly conference calls amongst themselves.

7 - Ad Co-op

An example of an Ad Co-Op would be a Pay Per Click ad Campaign where the URL of members who participate in the Co-Op are rotated based on Co-Op Shares Purchased.

8 - Contest

A contest is a Great way to motivate your downline. Offer something of value, free Leads, An E-Book, Ad Co-Op Shares or even paying their membership fee for a month or more.

9 - Find your Leaders

It seems to be a common known fact that 20% of the people get 80% of the results. Find and motivate your 20%. Setup a time where you meet with your leaders, Seek your leaders advice and keep your leaders motivated. Let your leaders know they you will be their for them. Encourage your leaders to develop and help their leaders.

Bonus Tip 10 Free VOIP

Encourage the Use of a Free VOIP service like SKYPE. This way your team members can talk to you and each other without costly long distance charges. Free Services like SKYPE allow members to voice chat with each other over the Internet for free.

If you had to sum up the secrets of building and sustaining a large MLM team In three words Caring, Communication and Involvement stand out.

By using the above 9 Steps plus bonus step 10 you enable you not only enable your team members to communicate with you and each other but you strongly encourage communication. The Above Steps keep involved in the team and allow your team members to be involved also. Since actions speak louder then words by implementing the above steps you truly show your team how much you care.

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