Reminisces Of An Aspiring Internet Marketer

I've spent a lot of time and money on trying to promote various programs on the internet.

Over 18 months I spent close to $10,000 US Dollars on e-books, internet marketing courses, training materials, web hosting, domain forwarding, autoresponders, AD trackers, advertising costs, traffic exchanges, exit exchanges, search engines, pay-per-click programs, ezines, subscription fees, randomizers and doublers !!

I also lost money when a few programs that I was involved with went under, including a payment processing company called EzPayWay which disappeared owing me over $1400 in commissions.

All the money that I did make online was ploughed back into yet more programs and yet more opportunities. It was a vicious circle and I ended up getting deeper and deeper into debt. I was just fortunate that I had a good JOB to fall back on.

At the end of those 18 months I took a break from everything to do with online businesses. I dropped my internet marketing 'escapades' and focused on other areas in my life that I had been neglecting, like my health and my relationships with my wife and other members of my family.

After 6 months of mental and physical recuperation getting myself back on track, I decided to give it one last try ...

I got in touch with several of my key contacts and asked them what they were up to, what programs they were promoting and what they were making money with on the 'Net.

However, when I resumed my internet activities I changed a number of things in my approach :

#1. Maintain FOCUS

You know, there's always going to be a newer program, a better compensation plan, a more professional website. I was no longer going to run around promoting every single opportunity that came my way.

I was going to pick a handful of the best opportunities available and only promote established companies that were highly recommended and highly profitable.

#2. Promote businesses in line with PERSONAL INTERESTS

My interests include making money, internet marketing and self-development.

I decided that I was only going to promote products that I have a good understanding of, that I'm quite knowledgeable about, and which I have no qualms in recommending to others.

That is absolutely vital no matter what you're selling online or offline

If you're not passionate about the products you're marketing how can you be an effective salesman and convince others of the benefits of your products?


The 'Net is like a large powerful and never-ending ocean. My previous efforts had been merely little pebbles tossed into deep waters. They had no effect what-so-ever in the great scheme of things.

To get results on the 'Net your website needs a great amount of exposure amongst the Millions of other websites and programs.

There are several ways of driving lots of TRAFFIC to your websites such as:

* Traffic Exchanges * Getting listed in Search Engines * Pay-Per-Click Advertising * Banner Exchanges * Emailing OPT-IN lists * Marketing to Purchased Leads * Advertising in Ezines

You'll need to learn about all of these different ways of generating traffic to your website. Personally, I advertise my website using all of the methods above.

Instead of trying to build up downlines in free marketing programs, I decided to PAY for TRAFFIC to promote my business opportunities.

And this brings me nicely on to my next point...

#4. Diligent TRACKING of advertising

Previously I was literally throwing money down the drain by NOT carefully tracking the different types of advertising I was spending my money on.

When I did get sign-ups to programs or sales in affiliate programs I was none the wiser as to where these sales came from and unable to clearly identify which mode of advertising was attributable for the sales.

I was like a sniper firing away in all directions without a scope to home in on my targets !!

#5. Lastly, I added the HUMAN ELEMENT to my business

A lot of business might be conducted on the internet, but the internet is merely a tool. The buying and selling of products, especially in network marketing, involves the personal recommendation of services from one party to the next.

This personal element had been missing from my business all along.

I had been emailing thousands of FFA leads per day (Big Dogs style), sending out emails to loads of Safelists, sending emails to thousands of MLM Leads using autoresponders, but NOT ONCE over the course of 18 months did I actually SPEAK to anyone.

Sure, I made a few sales but they were far and few between. I also came close to trouble a few times as a result of a SPAM complaint (I'll save that story for another time but I can tell you that it was the last time I used FFA leads!).

These days, I call up my prospects and try to establish a rapport with them. I find out what they want out of life, what their interests are and if I can help them. I tell them about my experiences, what I've learnt trying to market various products online, how I'm a better internet marketer now than ever before by doing what I'm telling you now.

And you know what??

I enjoy waking up in the mornings, I make new friends everyday, I call up interested prospects, I find out what they want, I help them get what they want, and now I get PAID more frequently!

The TELEPHONE is as much a tool for Internet Marketers than the 'Net itself.

So there you have it...

A simple internet marketing strategy that has served me well on my return to Cyberspace.

I hope that you find a few things here to help you improve your internet marketing endeavours and ultimately, take you that one step closer to achieving online success.

Copyright © 2005

Written by Tony Bhachu, webmaster of 'The Dummies Guide
To Financial Freedom', dedicated to help you make money
online and attain financial freedom as quickly as possible

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