Let Them See It To Sell It

You know that problem of having a fantastic offer that you tell people about, but they don't get it, or don't believe it, and therefore don't buy it? Well know there maybe is a way of improving your chances.

You see the problem is, your prospective customers or business partners can't see it, your product, your service, or you! The good news is that you can now let them see you and your offer through Video Email, and video on demand.

Research shows that an average person will remember ?

10% of what they read 20% of what they hear 30% of what they see 50% of what they see and hear together 80% of what they see, hear and do.

It is expected that Video Email will replace text email over the next few years. It would have perhaps happened sooner if it were not for the high cost and large file sizes involved, but that has all changed now. You can open a video email account for just $9.99 per month, making it accessible to just about everyone, and new "streaming" technology removes the problem of large files.

Can you imagine the impact of this on ebay, for contacting your down line, for demonstrating software or products to potential customers. I could go on but to see some real examples see the link at the bottom of the article.

With the huge growth in customers that is already happening Video Email is also becoming the hottest business opportunity around. At present the US alone spends around $2 billion on streaming information, and this is set to rise to £12 billion in just a few short years. As one new customer starts sending out video emails, another soon follows as people open accounts to reply to each other.

The next few years are going to be very interesting indeed!

Resource Box Article by Paul Turner http://videoemail.latest-info.com

Video examples are at http://www.videoexamples.com

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