The Break Out Point is The Key to Finding the Right MLM

Everyone who has thought about starting a Home Based business Fall into 3 Categories. They Tried an MLM and Failed. They looked at an MLM and were very skeptical. They Tried an MLM and have succeeded. No matter which of the 3 Categories you fall into until you have caught an MLM at is Break Out Point you have not reached financially independence.

The Break Point of an MLM is when it start's to reach those Huge Exponential Gains. It is the point where the membership just explodes. Here is an actual example of a Break-Out MLM. This example uses a group within an MLM that I have personal knowledge of.

  • On Oct 1,2001 this group had less then 10 Members
  • On Nov 15,2001 this group had right around 100 Members
  • On Nov 30,2001 this group had right around 200 Members
  • On Jan 1,2002 this group had right around 1,000 Members
  • On Jan 16,2002 this group had over 10,000 Members
  • This Group peaked at over 120,000 members and at the time of this writing Aug..... 2005 Still has over 100,000 Members.
  • The actual MLM currently has over 17,000,000 members.

    Can you imagine the excitement the members of that group felt watching it grow by over 9,000 members in about 2 weeks. That surge of excitement was enough to propel that group to over 120,000 members a little over a year later even tho the Person at the top of that group had some family matters that kept him from guiding his team. It just broke out. Their was no stopping it.

    How did this Break Out Occur. The Group leader was in constant contact helping and encouraging his group, He sent them E-mails at least once a week, He had contests and ran Ad Co-Ops, He found 5 or 6 leaders who also had breakouts. In January of 2002 4 of the top 5 members (measured by number of direct referrals) were in this group.

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    Mike Makler has been Marketing Online Since 2001 When he Built an Organization of over 100,000 Members

    How to find the Best Home Based Business

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