How to Avoid the Top 5 Time Wasting Activities in Your Internet MLM Home Business

Many people love to build their internet mlm business from home on a part time basis. Therefore because it is part time so you need to really be very focused before you can earn serious amounts of money. This article highlights 5 major time wasters in any internet mlm business and explains how you can avoid them somewhat.

Paralysis by analysis

Any one who has been building an internet mlm business for sometime will have realized by now that there are 101 internet mlm business ventures online. Most if not all of them have the same concept or rewarding those who refer more people than others. A good idea would be to spend time finding one program that has a monthly payment fee that is acceptable to you and work hard to build that business.

There will always be greener pastures out there and unless you focus and learn what it takes to build one business, you will always be running off to the next best thing without making any money online in your internet mlm home business.

Cold lead calling

An internet home based business has the advantage of online lead generation. If you are not using an automated followup system you are seriously wasting a lot of time. Link an automated followup system to your landing page for whatever business venture you want to be involved in and then once someone signs up, your system goes to work and helps them get started.

There is only one of you and if you were to spend time calling cold leads that you purchased off the internet, you might as well join an offline mlm business. Focus your time on generating more targeted website traffic to your internet landing page and start seeing more targeted signups and visitors to your business.

Get rich quick schemes

There are many types of scams online. Some of them promise you that you will start making money quickly online. The problem with this is that those that do promise you fast riches also tend to be ponzi scams that run off with your money. You are therefore better off if you spent your time focusing on mlm business ventures and working to promote them. The top internet marketers like Stone Evans, he develops profitable business websites and then spends his energy promoting these websites.

Its all about promotion really in any internet home business. The more leads and people you generate from your promotions the more money you make. Teach your downline this and you will find them thanking you a lot later.

Million Hits Traffic Generation schemes

Following from the previous point, some people therefore think that the more website traffic the better their sales. They end up joining some traffic generation scheme and spent their day clicking on traffic exchanges. Personally I think this is a waste of time if you do not do it correctly. Everyone on such exchanges is a business owner and therefore unless you can show your business is better than theirs, you will not get any signups.

Others waste time by purchasing million hits from companies that claim to sell website traffic. These typically are popunder and popup advertising. Most people today online are tired and sick of such ads and as a result their effectiveness online has been dropping.

What works then? Article marketing and Pay Per Click Advertising. Spend time online reading about these two methods and you will start making money online.

Molly cuddling downlines

The very basis of an internet home based business is that you want to get downlines who are serious in building a business. You want to attract people who can work on their own and make money on their own. Spending time managing your downlines is the biggest mistake any internet mlm business owner will do as your downlines will start emulating you and your business will not work. Your downlines should be spending their efforts on promotion and not managing the business as this is the basis of network marketing. Teach them that you treat promotion daily as an important thing to do and ask them to do likewise to build their internet mlm business.

In conclusion, like Steven Covey states, first things first. Like any top CEO of a company, spend time on profit making activities first and other less important things second. Take massive action today on the "right things" and start seeing massive profits online.

Joel Teo is the successful owner of several successful internet business ventures.Click here to learn how you can start your own successful internet business today.

Copyrig ht © 2005-2006 Joel Teo the Coolest Guy On The Planet

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