Discover Your Own Source Of Business Leads

Generating new business leads is critical in your success, no matter what business you're in. Being aware of certain principals can help you increase your business leads list and generate an explosion of sales.

Never overlook the fact that the average person knows about 250 people. That includes you. Those are business leads, for you but each person is also a source of about 250 additonal business leads. Have you worked through your 63,500 business leads already? There're waiting to hear from you!

Following this concept, the more new people you meet the more sources of business leads you will find. I think these are always the best sources of leads, because you have an opportunity to get to know someone so they can know, like and trust you. The very best business lead is the one you are introduced to.

So how can you meet new people? Here are some suggestions for finding new sources of business leads.

Toastmasters -- This is not only a great organization to help you develop your skills as a speaker (you do speak, don't you?), but this is also the ultimate networking club for generating business leads.

Community Clubs -- If you have a hobby, chances are there is a club for it. Find one and join it. Become a member. If you just show up to hunt down business leads you will find yourself not getting the golden referrals. It's your hobby so enjoy it too.

School -- Do you have children or are you a student? Teachers and other parents know people too. Your link to a school can be one of the largest sources of business leads anyone could ever dream of.

Existing Business Leads -- Just because a business lead you have isn't looking for what you have to offer right now, doesn't mean that they don't know someone who is. Always ask your existing leads for business leads.

Family -- If you have something to offer that people want, aren't the members of your family potential besiness leads? Remember, each of them knows a potential of 250 business leads as well.

Friends -- I see so many sales professionals neglect the fact that their friends are business leads, or at least a source of them. If you have a friend, ask them for a lead. They know, like and trust you, I hope. Ask them to introduce you to a business lead.

Existing customers -- A satisfied customer is a gold mine for new business leads. Why? Because they're satisfied! Get a written testimonial if you can and use it to attract business from new business leads.

Internet -- Do you know how to generate your own leads through the Internet? The resources on the left side of this page can help you learn how to create web pages where business leads find you!

Your car -- Get a window decal for your business. Some of your best customers just happened to be at the same store where you parked one day...when you didn't have a window decal!

Those are just some ideas and I know there are many more. Before you pay for business leads, don't forget to look in your own backyard.

Dave Saunders is a business consultant and published author. If you would like to read about additional ideas for generating business leads, the original and expanded article can be found here. /articles/business-leads.php For additional information on business coaching, or if you would like to know more about an emerging trillion dollar industry visit this address to request free information.

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