Politics, Religion, Race; Conversational No-No?s in Business

Do not destroy all your positive displacement and high energy and customer confidence by discussing politics in your small business. Remember not every one in the world is as smart as you are or sees as much dealing with all these different types of customers in so many different professions each day. Therefore they may have incorrect political views and disagree with you. You do not have time to change everyone's mind nor should you bother trying. Since we have a two party political system and it is pretty much split down the middle, you have a 50% chance of pissing someone off when talking about politics in an office building. The owner may be Republican but the people overhearing the conversations may be one-half Democratic and they are also potential customers. Please don't talk about abortion, assault weapon bans or cigarette laws. People who are into these issues are really into them, and if your opinion differs from theirs, you have just created an enemy and lost a customer.

Religion? Wow! You should never try to convince anyone to join your religion or argue against theirs. If you want to do this, do it on your own time, invite them to church, temple, whatever. If a person is really religious, offer them your car wash fundraising services. Even if you don't agree with their religious beliefs, you are bound to meet a lot of really good people by doing a fundraiser car wash for their church's youth group. It's good for business and you'll be helping in a positive way keeping kids away from drugs, gangs, graffiti and violence. This will also be promoting the family unit.

Race is something you just shouldn't talk about at all. Many races have been persecuted and hated in our country for decades. These same people have money to pay for your small business's products or services. Don't be stupid. No matter how you feel and everyone (whether they admit it or not) is a little prejudiced, throw it away, drop it, stop worrying about it and go make money.

Some cultures do business differently. You should simply realize that there have always been differences and there always will be. Many of these differences have to do with their country's free-market system, or lack thereof. Some people may like to wheel and deal. That's how they transact business. It's the way they feel they're supposed to do it. Instead of getting angry, simply understand that their background is different than yours. Just because they conduct business differently than you are used to doesn't mean its wrong. Your way of doing business may seem wrong to them. Some of these people are your very best customers. They:

Are more loyal customers

Tip better

Refer you to friends

Treat you like family

So remember, if you have a problem with any group of people, drop it. Enough said. If you don't believe us, you'll learn. It just doesn't matter. Everyone is your potential customer and in business discrimination does not pay. Play it safe and think about your business future and your customers, listen to their opinions and nod your head, but do not chime in otherwise you will lose other customers. Think about it.

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