Keys to Successful Networking While In Transition

Let's be real. With other pressures of life upon us, having to network can be a burden and increase stress levels.

How we decide to spend valuable time networking will determine our direct success now and for the future. When in transition we often prioritize, placing business networking sandwiched between "I know I should to what for?" kinds of attitude.

Many see the act of business networking as a waste of time, because the return on investment is not often immediate. In another sense, many professionals in transition make this an excellent opportunity to have "face time" with potential employers or perhaps receive viable leads.

Here are several keys to help you prepare for networking while in transition:

? Motivation. Keeping a positive mental attitude is critical. If you are not ready to meet valuable contacts, stay home. Networking requires effort and positive motivation for and to those around you.

? Perseverance. Being in transition is a difficult period, but perseverance vastly enhances your chances of receiving positive responses and more importantly builds rewarding relationships immediately and for the future.

? Follow up. There have been times when individuals test you by how, when, and how long you attempt to follow up. Having a follow up program in place will make sure that communications does not fail on your end.

? Personality. This is a time when you must let your personality shine bright. People want to associate with people who are fun, energetic and personable.

? Image. As the old saying goes, "Image is everything" and it is too. Now is the time to re-evaluate your current image from your clothing to your body language. What worked years ago may not be applicable in today's market.

Remember that preparing for great networking is all about your motivation, perseverance, follow up, personality and a well-defined image. It is important to remember above all, the most critical element in being successful in your networking program-is you!

Consummate Speaker, Noted Author & Certified Seminar Leader Melvin Murphy provides keynote speeches and seminars to educational institutions, civic groups, public associations, and corporations throughout the country. He can be reached at: [email protected] or 703/216.3888

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