Ask for Referrals: And Get the Answer You Want!

Why are people scared to ask for a referral? Is it the fear of rejection, or do they think that it will annoy their client. If you have been giving 100% to your client and have given them truly excellent service then you shouldn't be ashamed to ask for the opportunity to give that same superior service to other people your clents know. In fact, it seems like the next logical step especially if the client is happy with your service so far.

"It's not what you say but how you say it" I tell my kids that all the time. Here is no different. I have seen countless people not get a referral because they simply asked the wrong question. You want to aviod asking a close ended question where the only answer is "Yes" or "No". For example, instead of starting your question "Do you know anyone who..." start it off with "Who do you know who..." Just the little change at the begining will have a dramatic increase in your referral rate.

You can also start off specific to get a better result for example "Who do you know at work who..." By inserting a place or situation you narrow the possibilties and the task does not seem as daunting to your client.

It's also very important to expect the referral. If your body language, tone of voice and facial expressions show that you are not expecting them to give you one then your proably not going to get it. I have had sales people ask me "You don't know anyone who would like "product" do you?" My quick answer even before I think about it is always "No". You should expect the referral as part of your excellent business. It's the most natural thing in the world for people to tell everyone about something they like. Why not tell them about you.

Some people are a little shy about it and in the back of there mind they are testing you. They will tell you that they are thinking about it. That is alway ok. Just set up a time for you to follow up with them and Keep the appointment, even a little phone call can go a long way. A lot of times by the end of your meeting they will think of someone anyways. If you tell them that this is the business model that you do they will be glad to help you. You can increase your business dramatically with help from your friends.

One of the easiest ways to ask for a referral is in your signature file on all the email you send out, especially in correspondence with your clients. After your contact information you have a mini billboard advertising for you. Doing the simple thing of asking for a referral can easily double you business in a very short time. Start asking today you will be glad you did.

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