Our New Years Resolution ? Get Rid of The Toxins in our Lives

It is hard to believe, almost unthinkable. Everyday we are exposed to so many toxins in our lives. Some are so common and ordinary that we never know or fail to remember how toxic these familiar things can be. For example, most common household cleaners we use everyday contain harsh toxic chemicals. We breathe them, touch them and could accidentally be ingesting them just by cleaning the home we live in. Why are we exposing ourselves and our children and pets to these products everyday?

Whenever I see my child watching me come home with their face up against the window, or when I see my baby crawling bare hands across the floor and now have their fingers in their mouth or even when I spray the counter with all-purpose cleaner and now my family's hands and food are all over it, I rest assured that there are no toxic chemicals that they are encountering. These scenarios sound very common and very normal. But the problem is that the cleaning products most of us use to clean our homes contain chemicals that can be poisonous and toxic. Why should we expose ourselves and our children and pets to these products everyday?

My wife and I made the conscious decision two years ago to switch to all natural cleaning products. Now, when we clean our home, we can feel safe and have a clean home at the same time. Recently, we purchased the all-natural cleaning business that was making the products we were using so we could continue to share it with other people. Do we only use our own products? The answer is no. There are many awesome all natural products out there made by a lot of great companies. We use many different products in our home, but we make sure to only use all natural products.

Switching to all natural non-toxic cleaning products is one way we can all easily get rid of toxins in our home, however, there are other ways we can get rid of the toxins in our lives. We are going to keep trying day by day to find new ways we can get rid of the toxins. For instance, we will try to buy only organic groceries, even though they may cost more, especially in the winter. We will try to get rid of all the carpets in our home. Some carpets can contain very strong and very long lasting chemicals in them. We can also use low volatile organic chemicals (VOC) paint in our home to reduce the chemical odors emitted in our home.

If we all make a conscious effort to reduce the toxins in our lives, we can start to feel better and at the same time know that we are helping our family and the environment that we all live in. Cancers, asthmas and other chronic diseases are at an all time high and no one knows why. One thing is for sure; we are exposed to constant low levels of toxic products everyday. With a little caring and common sense, we can all live a little cleaner and a little safer.

David Zielski started Seaside Naturals with his wife Linda. Seaside Naturals, a leading manufacturer of all natural first aid kits and natural cleaning and personal care products, provides all natural living solutions for health-conscious people. Seaside Naturals markets and distributes through natural food stores, supermarkets, on-line and in mail-order catalogs in the United States. For more information, visit http://www.seasidenaturals.com.

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