The Science Of Mind Over Matter

We possess an incredible power. It's the power of mind to heal or attract that which we focus our attention on.

You have most likely seen it at work in many people. You probably know those (or perhaps you are even one) who constantly talk about their aches, pains and illnesses. They seem to always be sick.

Sometimes we may wonder if they are making it up just to get attention. But they are not making it up. They do feel that they are sick. The aches and pains are very real to them, even if tests done by their doctor show no problems. Eventually they do get worse and become very sick because that is what they are focusing on and bringing into their life experience.

It can happen rather quickly once we put our attention on the negative. For example, have you noticed all the advertising in the media concerning symptoms for various diseases? When you hear those, your mind will start checking out your body. Natural aches and pains will make you start to worry and wonder if you have the disease. You may even start to feel sick!

Now go back. You were feeling fine until you started thinking about disease. These negative thoughts have started to create an energy blockage in your body. Your energy or life force is no longer flowing freely. If the blockage remains, it could develop into illness.

You can develop energy blockages without even realizing it. They can come from everyday stress. Usually these blockages will go away on their own just by resting, such as getting a good night's sleep or during meditation.

Our beliefs can also cause blockages. We believe that we are limited in what we can do to prevent disease, aging and other aspects of our lives. We generally do not believe that we can use the power of our mind to heal ourselves and achieve our goals. Even if we do come to the realization that we can do these things, it may take awhile for us to develop it as we have been taught since birth that we don't have much control over what happens to us.

Now think again how quickly the negative thoughts can make us feel awful. How quickly they can turn to stress, depression and even illness. That goes to show how powerful our minds really are. We have been practicing the negative for a long time and we are very good at it!

Now it's time to practice the positive. The greatest power of all is that if you don't like your thoughts, if they are not working to make you a healthier, happier person, then you have the power to change them.

An exciting awakening is taking place all over the world about the role these powers have in healing, self development, and success. Even science is taking note of this wonderful power. It all comes down to quantum physics, a branch of science that describes the nature of the universe as being very different than the world we can see. It is a study of the building blocks of the universe.

Quantum physics can be rather complicated so I won't get into it in detail. I have been reading a lot about it and the following will give you an overview of what it's about. If you have even the basic understanding of quantum physics, you will see clearly how faith and positive thinking actually work.

Your body is made of cells, which are made of molecules, which are made of atoms, which are made of sub-atomic particles. Everything is made of large groups of sub-atomic particles, your body, trees, planets, light, your car, your home, even your thoughts, etc.

Sub-atomic particles are not actually particles, they are energy packets sometimes called "quanta". They are pure energy and they are also "probabilities of existence". It is these energy packets that are at our command.

Everything in the universe is made of these energy packets. Therefore, everything in the universe is energy that exists as waves over space and time. So nothing is really solid. It only appears solid when large groups of sub-atomic particles come together to make atomic particles.

Quantum physics has discovered that it is the act of observing an object that causes it to be there. These energy waves only become particles when they are observed. Withdraw observation and they become waves again. Therefore, it is your observation, attention and intention to something that causes it to come into your experience or reality. Nothing is real, until we make it real by giving it our attention.

This is the scientific basics on how faith and positive thinking works. We don't really need to understand how it works, just know that it does. But if you feel you need more scientific facts to help you believe, you can do a search on quantum physics and learn more. It is a fascinating subject.

Energy healers know how to manipulate this energy to heal a body. They use their energy, as well as visualization and their intention to heal, to work with their client's energy to remove the blockages and help the body to heal itself. Many healers find that the healing works faster when they call upon the universal energy of God, their spiritual guides or spiritual masters.

Learning how to manipulate this energy can bring much more than healing. Many people are using it to manifest great improvements in their lives, such as better jobs, relationships, and material things.

There is still much to be learned about this great power that we possess. But the wonderful thing is that you don't have to know how it works, just learn to have faith in it. And you can start practicing it right now. Don't be too hard on yourself if you don't see improvements right away in whatever aspect of your life that you are working on. Like any new skill, it takes practice.

I have found that one of the best ways to keep yourself focused on using this power to manifest is to read all you can about it. There are an abundance of books both online and offline that will help you get your energy flowing in the positive direction. So why not get started? You have nothing to lose but the negative aspects of your life and the rewards will be great.

I wish you all the best in great health, happiness and wealth.

Copyright 2005

Written by Susan Norrad, editor and publisher of The Universe Of Abundant Life Ezine. Find out how you can take control and create the life you want, look and feel great, be happy and successful.

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