The Future of Healing...

Your FUTURE is NOT in a doctor's office or a vial of prescription drugs.

Western medicine has done a wonderful job in treating our symptoms and masking the pain of physical imbalances with drugs that cost a small fortune. Pain temporarily dissipates, perhaps, or symptoms lessen, but the root cause often remains. The sad news about this is, the older we get, the more we'll come to rely on expensive pills and the more frustrating time we'll spend in medical facilities.


Doesn't it make more sense to address the core issues that underlie physical suffering? This is where Energy Healing comes into play and can assist you.

You can change from "OK" to "Oh, wow!"

Almost everyone has experienced that feeling of hopelessly slogging through life, just getting by, or wasting their energy and talent. Problem is, people can go on for a very long time like that, just getting through, just doing OK. Many people, I think it's fair to say, go on like this for a lifetime.

The thing is, you don't have to approach life that way. No matter how many bad experiences, negative beliefs, episodes of hurt and anger are in your past, they don't have to dictate your life. They can be healed and cleared away, not through excruciatingly long-term and difficult periods of self-work? but through a spiritual gift that's available to anyone.

The gift of Energy Healing

I personally believe that if our world sometimes gives us evil, disappointment, hurt, tragedy, grief, and hundreds of potentially devastating experiences, then the universe also provides help and a way for us to heal it. Energy Healing is like a gift, a secret code for unlocking and undoing the damage.

Here's why energy healing works: Science has shown that everything is energy with a certain vibration and frequency. At birth, all of our systems, organs and energy fields vibrate at the level of unconditional love which is optimal for physical health and well-being. Throughout life, though, we begin to absorb the negative beliefs and sustain the shocks and hurts that block emotions and disrupt the energy field. Vibrations are lowered or changed, physical systems respond by setting up stress-level defenses or even resulting in pain or disease. The energy fields are further disrupted, creating a snowball effect ?and over time, the negativity and hurt is reinforced in the body.

Energy Healing seeks to eliminate these blockages and negative cycles by restoring vibration and frequency of the energy field to the original pure, healthful state. Energy flows to positively affect emotions, outlook, ambition, ability and possibility in your life.

More powerful than technology, more effective and pure than pharmaceuticals, more permanent than talk therapy, more life-changing than any other methods, Energy Healing helps you to clear the millions of negative thoughts, beliefs, emotions and attitudes that comprise the root cause of why you often feel ZAPPED and out of sorts.

The help you need is finally here!

If you're trying by sheer willpower to force yourself to have a "better attitude," to do more, be more cheerful and enjoy yourself more, you know it just doesn't work. It's time to streamline and simplify by taking advantage of one of the great powers available to you ? Energy Healing!


Bill Austin is a spiritual healer and teacher based in St Petersburg FL. He has assisted hundreds of people around the world in gaining the clarity they need to realize more of their full potential. To find out more about his healing practice, please check out his web site at

Bill Austin is also the author of Transform YOUR Relationship with Money: A Step-by-Step Guide for Financial Empowerment. For more information, please check out his web site located at

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