About Child Bedwetting

Bedwetting also known as nocturnal Enuresis is a common problem that is encountered in children below 6 years. Many of the children bed wet since they have no control over the bladder. The cause could be immature bladder in them. As they grow the bed wetting problem will be rectified naturally. There are also older children with this bed wetting problem.

The child should not be punished for bed wetting. They should be educated that it is a normal problem that is faced by many children around the world. Parents should not worry about the bed wetting problem and they should try to educate the child on it. The children should not be humiliated for doing so. They should also be involved in changing clothes and bed sheets.

Bedwetting can also be of hereditary in nature. Parents who had a history of bedwetting may have child who bedwets. This problem is also related to a particular hormone in our body. The anti-diuretic hormone if not produced properly, will lead to bedwetting. This hormone is responsible for concentrating the urine and avoid over-fill of the bladder.

Medications like DDAVP (desmopressin acetate) are used to control bed wetting. It is found that this medicine is effective for children over the age of six. This medicine is available in the form of nasal spray and also tablets. The patient has to seek the advice of a doctor before using such medicines. Bladder control can also be practiced to control the urge to urinate during sleep.

Bladder control can be practiced during day time by not urinating for prolonged period. This might help the children to control themselves in night time and thus avoid bed wetting. Children should avoid taking too much of drinks before going to bed and they should make it a habit to go to the bathroom before going to bed.

Online version of the above article is located at http://www.natural-tr eatment-guide.com/bedwetting/bedwetting-intro.html . If you would like to know the causes of bedwetting in childrens, pls visit the Causes of Bedwetting in Childrens webpage for more details.

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