Do You Have Scatter-Brain-Itis?

In your quest to get 'up and running' so to speak with your online ventures do you find yourself getting distracted by things that have nothing to do with whatever it is your trying to accomplish?

I call this "Scatter-Brain-Itis"

It's not your fault though.

There are so many well written, headlines, sales letters, articles, clickable links, and just plain outrageous stuff here online that it's nearly impossible to focus on the task at hand.(Whatever that may be for you.)

This may help you out.

We've all heard of the simple 'To Do' list.......right?

If you're not using one you really should it will keep you laser-like focused on getting the things done that you know you should be doing.

Try this method.

Write down the top three things you need to get done tomorrow.(or today if you're eager to try this out)

Prioritize them listing the most important one at the top, 2nd most important next, followed by #3.

Now go to work on priority #1.

If you find yourself at a website/page that has nothing to do with priority #1 immediately stop and get back to what you should be doing.

If you're working on priority #1 and find that you have come across information that would be helpful in accomplishing proirity #3 either bookmark it, write down a reminder about it, or set up a folder called 'important things' then go back to it once you have accomplished priority 1 & 2.

(Remember, you prioritized them for a reason)

I realize this is very basic stuff here but you might be astonished at the amount of work that a person can accomplish by following this simple system over the period of a week.


Ron Howell
Howell Industries

About The Author:

"Pass on your knowledge and you live forever!" Says Ron Howell, an entrepreneur for the past ten years in mailorder, courier services, and Insurance sales.

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