Everything Fits Together Perfectly!

Here's a little lesson I experienced while packing boxes for my move to Victoria, BC.

I decided to pack my own belongings so that I would have more money to set up my apartment once I'd moved. I wanted to use good, sturdy boxes and attracted the information that there was a box manufacturing company right in Saskatoon. What a delight to sort through, then pack my belongings in brand-new, heavy-weight boxes that only cost an average of $2.00 each.

As I was packing, I was aware of the importance of filling each box right to the top, so that nothing would break, should the box be stored upside down or on its side. Packing each box began easily enough, but as I neared the top it became more challenging to find something the precise size needed to fill but not extend above the top of the box.

This little "mantra" popped into my mind and developed into a delightful game!

"Everything fits together perfectly!"

I would fill a box as full as I could, then begin my mantra--"Everything fits together perfectly...everything fits together perfectly...."

Some boxes remained open for several days before I came across the right perfect item to fill them--but when I did, I squealed with delight and shouted my mantra!!!! "Everything fits together perfectly!!" Zip goes the tape dispenser! Another box filled perfectly to the top!

Now that the boxes are unpacked, I am finding more applications for my mantra: "Everything fits together perfectly!"

When my business cards were not completed by the date of my first networking meeting--"Everything fits together perfectly" meant that I would take my "other" business cards and promote TeleClass International, instead of Aurora Websites.

When the first chiropractor I visited in Victoria fulfilled ALL my desires for an energy worker, a nutritionist, a positive energy sponsor and body worker, I sang: "Everything fits together perfectly!"

When I learned that my dining room table and chairs will not arrive before my daughter Sarah's first visit: "Everything fits together perfectly!" means that we will probably eat out a lot! (Ooooh, loads of fun!)

One evening I heard music and laughter coming from the park next to my apartment. When I realized it was a neighborhood block-party and that my desire for "community" was being fulfilled, I joyfully announced:

"Everything fits together perfectly!"

Now that you are aware of this truth, notice how often--even many times in one day--"Everything fits together perfectly!" in your life!

Do you have a secret dream, desire or hope?

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