How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Does Your Present Internet Filing System Work?

Do You Really Know for Sure How Much You Earned?
Do You Really Know for Sure or Just "Think So"?
Do You Really Know for Sure Which Ads Work?
Do You Really Know for Sure Where your URL's Are?
Do You Really Know for Sure?

We have all wasted precious working hours, sometimes frantically looking for an article or business letter saying "that's where it was last time....i think..."

Sometimes i used to think i was getting alzhiemers before i was 40!! lets face it, time is money and we only have so much of both. Besides, the last thing you need to be worrying about is locating clipart or a tiny 6 line ad. The fact still remains, you needed it fast!!

Remember when we first had Excel & Lotus 123?, They Were GREAT!! & were we ever organized!!

BUT, as with any good thing, time takes it's toll & these programs simply can't keep up. We need a better system.

>NO spreadsheet,
>NO personal organizer,
>NO chart was ever created that works perfect.

They all have something missing you wish you had a space for. Or you end up creating another confusing mess and wasted time doing it .....hhhmmmmm

Wasn't i trying to stop doing just that?

You get the picture now right?

I believe i have found relief with a new program that recently hit the internet BIGTIME, & i'm also quite certain will be around a very long time. The "Affiliate Assistant" HAS ARRIVED !!

This handy little program was MADE just for this purpose and is being hailed as the next " Industry standard Tool for Affiliates to keep track of all their information"

Here's a few things you can do using The "Affiliate Assistant"

>Organize All of Your Affiliate Programs
>Enter & store passwords & user names
>Contact information list
>Insert site addresses (URLS)
>Chart & Track ad campaigns
>Track Payments Due
>Track Payment History

So, how much is your time worth? $50.00hr? $40.00? or $30.00?

If you could it for less than one hour of your time would you seriously consider it? I think you would.

About The Author

A.L Haines is the editor for several leading Internet Marketing publications supporting free Internet marketing opportunities and resources.

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