Heres A Great Way To Organize Your Work From Home Office Virtually

How to do keep track of all you have to do on a daily basis? How about things that have to get done this week?.. How about for the month? I used to be a pen and paper guy..everything I had to get done was written (notes) in the yellow pad that sits in front of me. It still sits there, but it's not used as much, except for when I'm taking notes when on the phone.

A couple years ago David Ledoux, my mentor and boss introduced me to Yahoo Calendar. Do you use Yahoo Calendar? David has a very busy schedule and is constantly traveling, so he needed a way of keeping track of all that he had to do in a format that he could access from anywhere globally. Something (unlike a PDA or note book) that couldn't get lost, stolen or need charging.

I took David's advice and got a free membership to the yahoo service and have been using it ever since. It allows me to plan my entire month..even year!.. It's like a total planner, but virtual. I can enter things I have to do down to the minute and when it's time to get that task done I get a reminder notice on my computer letting me know that I have something planned.

It's Not only a planner...

Along with the great planning capabilities, I also have access to my email and my entire list of contacts. PLUS.. I can give people access to my planner to see how my schedule is.

What are you waiting on..get a Yahoo account, it's free and makes time management a breeze.

Enjoy all the benefits of Yahoo! Calendar.
Access dates and meetings from anywhere, anytime.
Share your calendar with specific friends and co-workers.
Remember important dates, set up automatic reminders.



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