Be More Productive - Books to Help You Be More and Do More!

How many of us have enough time to do everything that needs to be done? Answer: NOBODY! The key is doing that which needs to be done RIGHT NOW and setting the right priorities. Life has changed, and we have more flexibility to do what we want, when we want, provided we set the RIGHT PRIORITIES. These books will help you increase your productivity by at least a factor of 10... maybe more!

Time Traps
Todd Duncan (

Time Traps addresses some of the most common false beliefs we have about time and our use of that time at work and in our lives. This book will help you find some proven help for troubles with time. You can also learn how to set a schedule that works ? not just some days but every day.

Eat That Frog!
Brian Tracy (

Eat That Frog! is a book on getting going with your life. I actually just finished this over the past weekend, but I will be reading it a few more times. Very motivating and powerful. Goals! is also a great book by Brian!

Goals helps you set the goals that you need to set in order to get anything accomplished in life. Many books have been written about goals, but I think Brian Tracy does some of the best, easiest to follow, work on the subject.

Over the Top
Zig Ziglar (
OK, so you've set goals, and now you're stuck. What's next? I think you can make it Over the Top with Zig's help. If nothing else, check out his site and sign up for the free newsletter to help you motivate yourself to do greater things!

Getting Things Done (GTD)
David Allen ? (

How do you cram everything that's on your plate, all these goals, and get over the top, with all the extra stress put on you each and every day? You use this new way to get organized and get more done with less. I strongly encourage you to buy Getting Things Done by David Allen, then check out the great website dedicated to the book (, with additional tips and tricks for every profession, including Information Technology.

Phil Gerbyshak

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