Getting Organized for Achievement

Getting and staying organized is critical to achieving your goals. A well organized person is more productive, has more free time, wastes less money, and experiences less stress. This article will outline a simple, effective, and flexible system to help you get and stay organized by using a top down approach. This system will allow you to keep some of your current scheduling systems in place, if they are currently working for you, and makes suggestions with some new ideas and changes that can be made to make you more productive and organized.

Productivity isn't so much about getting more things done as it is about getting the right things done. Dr. Stephen Covey, who is author of the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, has as one of his key beliefs to "begin with the end in mind" and says that goals give a framework for motivation. A top down approach to Time Management means that you start with your goals and work down to your smallest todo tasks. This approach to scheduling your time makes sure your priorities are really being observed and gives more meaning to even your smallest task. You may also find that some of your current activities are not needed or are misguided towards achieving what is really important to you.

Top to Bottom Scheduling Breakdown:

1. Goals

2. Goal Steps

3. Email

4. Calendar/Todo List


Start by determining your true Goals and Prioritizing. Use's Goals Worksheet to build your prioritized goals list. Once you have your goals list you can create well formed goal statements and set deadlines.

Goal Steps

The next step is to create a plan of action for your goals and develop timelines.


Your email account is a great tool because its like an automatic todo list that is checked on a regular basis. Emails that require immediate action should be addressed and then deleted. Emails that require action at a later date should be recorded in your calendar then deleted. Always try to keep your inbox empty.


Many people use a software calendar system such as Microsoft's Outlook, a PDA, or other online calendars to keep track of their appointments. Some people prefer a paper day planner or master list, the most important thing is to find whatever works best for you and stick to it. One very effective method of keeping on track is your mobile phone. Most new phones have a built-in Calendars which is an excellent place to keep your todo list since it is almost always with you. If your in sales or some other profession that requires you to keep an extensive contact list and frequently schedule calls and meetings then you should also look into getting Contact Management Software.

Now that you have a simple organizational structure set up all that is needed is a plan to follow to stay organized. Your Goals and Goal Steps should be reviewed at least once a day. has a "Home Page" (designed to be made your browsers home page so frequent goal reviews are automatic) which the perfect starting place for each day. The system has an automated Goal Review which analyzes all your goals and alerts you to items that need attention. The goal system also can send you email reminders for your Goal Plan which place them in your todo inbox. You can create and modify your todo lists and/or Day Planners from this goal review.

Good luck implementing these new organization methods. Go to and get started on your goals now! is an easy to use Goal Setting and Achievement System that directs you step-by-step through prioritized goal definition, plan of action formulation, motivation, reminders, and guidance reviews. is owned and operated by Gruve International (

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