It?s Spring Cleaning Time? Let?s Make Room For Abundance!

I gathered some things you can do this spring while you take a minute to smell those roses. There are things we need to do to clear our space and to reflect on what exciting things we'd like to bring in. My approach to Spring-cleaning touches on areas that all professionals and entrepreneurs can relate to:

- Reevaluation of our businesses
- Follow Up Calls
- Getting Rid of Clutter
- Fire That Client
- Take "Me Time" Breaks

1. Re-evaluation Time:

We are halfway through the year. My, how time flies! How has it been for you thus far? I suggest you give yourself a "Company Evaluation" every month to make note of your progress and see where you still need to tighten up your act. I made a similar format to the evaluation form used at one of my past jobs. I tried it on myself for a few months and it really helps you re-focus and remember what your overall VISION was in the first place. It also brings your strengths and weaknesses to the forefront! Try it now, looking back on your own performance since January. Here's an example of how to do it.

List your responsibilities and objectives and rate each one. 1 being the worst and 5 being the best:


Evaluation of The Sweet Tooth (Pastry company):

- Make an income of $3,000+ with orders for June: 2
- Develop a buzz about my company: 4
- Increase catering for events to at least 5 parties per month: 4
- Improve time management: 1
- Manage and build an effective team: 5

Pros: I did great with developing buzz, because of the press I received in the Daily News. Giving the editor free pies worked!

Cons: I was late for two important meetings, because of poor time management.

I like to write out the pros and cons of the overall performance as well. What did you do exceptionally well and why? What are the steps needed to make next month's evaluation better? When you elaborate on your highs and low, you can be your own coach to some extent. You can then set goals to make improvements instead of floating through each month with no direction. Having this on paper might help stop you from repeating the same destructive patterns. You might even want to get a folder or binder to keep them all in, so you can note your progress.


2. DUST OFF YOUR ROLEDEX with "How ya been?" calls

Have customers you haven't spoken to in over six months? Pick up the phone and call them, even if it's just to say hello. It's even better if you have a special "SPRING TIME" promotion in mind just for old customers. Following up is very important, although it's hard to do. Make the time for it, starting today!

3. Get Rid of the Clutter: Spring Clean your office/home office But of course, it's what first comes to mind when we say spring-cleaning! The question is: how many of us actually take action in getting rid of the clutter and start organizing?

Are you someone who?

* Consistently misplaces things in your home?
* Forgets to pay your bills?
* Has a war-zone for a home office?
* Still has that outfit from 1983 (that you KNOW doesn't fit)?
* Wants to improve the energy and harmony of your home or office?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you'll love the resources we have available to you!

Get rid of the clutter that has invaded your life. Learn how you can create balanced harmony in your home, office, and life with the help of these Gots To Have It friends?

La Shell Wooten Feng Shui for urban living? Is it possible to have balance in an urban environment? Contact La Shell and learn about the basics of the ancient Chinese technique called Feng Shui. Find out how to change the energy of your home and office and to improve your daily living with effective Feng Shui Consultant La Shell Wooten. (La Shell was most recently featured in September 2004 Essence Magazine!)

Tonja Oates, CPA, Ever wondered what other professionals do to get their financial mess in order? Learn basic tips to keep track of your finances, set goals, and best practices for keeping sound records with Tonja Oates of The TMO Group. Two Give ' N Take members who offer superb cleaning services? Sincerely Chores, "Organic Cleaning for You & Yours" [email protected] (718) 846-2104 Nikia Sharp of Domestic Diva (973) 865-8826

4. Fire That Client!:

Yes, it's true, sometimes you must let go. Are you drained by the negative energy of a particular client or project? Do you just have personality clashes? Are they asking for more than you agreed upon originally? Unfortunately, it happens. Sometimes you do have to let go and move on to keep your sanity. Unless you have a contract that is holding you to it, you do have the choice of who you want to work with. That's the beauty of having your own business. Consider "Firing a Client" if?

- They try to take advantage and ask for more than what you originally agreed on AKA trying to get the "HOOK UP".

- The client is not respectful of your time.

- Invoices are nit-picked to death or payments are consistently late.

- The client fails to review critical documents in a timely manner. When you do send them on their merry way, always have a person to refer them to. And most importantly, try to leave things on good terms even if you did not see eye to eye.

Go here for more articles on how and why to fire that client: -

5. Create "Me Time" Rituals Throughout Your Day

Now the weather is getting nicer, take short breaks in your day to go for a walk. Sit outside in the park and eat lunch. Do something that is a little rewarding for yourself after you finish a major project. People feel guilty sometimes just taking a 15 minute break (I know, I'm one of, but what most people don't realize is that those "me time moments" allow you to recover and put your all into the rest of your day. DO IT FOR YOURSELF, YOU DESERVE THOSE GUILT FREE MOMENTS.

Simone Kelly is CEO and founder of Gots To Have It, Marketing, a firm that specializes in marketing and empowering entrepreneurs with a series of workshops and networking events. Please view her company web sites here: and

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