The Psychology of Being Organized

Individuals who are organized in their personal lives most generally constitute efficient and organized employees in their work environments, succeed in their personal endeavors and are, more often than not, financially secure.

Once an organizational state of mind is established, your status of efficiency in all areas of your life will ultimately benefit.

There is a profound psychological thread that binds all areas of your existence into one distinctive unit. A messy house trashed with useless clutter is an abstract representation of many lives ? also muddled with unnecessary debris that needs to be regrouped, set aside, hidden out of sight or, better yet, disposed of completely. Wasted thoughts, wasted energy and wasted time all add up to wasted money.

In contrast, a well kept home and yard tend to indicate a well-ordered existence in every area of your life, whether it is financial, emotional or physical.

Human nature prescribes that the way you handle your household affairs is generally the same method of productivity you bring to the work place and to society in general. Those who have little respect for their own possessions and authority at home, usually have even less regard for the possessions or authority of others.

Finding yourself "off course" creates an emotional imbalance, resulting in a feeling of being overwhelmed. This "overwhelming feeling" triggers a significant panic reaction that generally results in prompting you to attempt to correct everything at once. So you rush back and forth from one chore to another, not completing anything, thereby temporarily losing focus on any one particular project. Consequently, nothing gets completed and a vicious circle begins.

Living such an indiscriminate lifestyle denies you the feeling of exhilaration and pride in completing any project. Look realistically at what is happening and what you are doing to yourself. Look at the time and energy you are spending yet receiving nothing in return. At best, you end up with a sloppy, half-completed job and feelings of personal guilt and failure over it because you know you could have done better. When you decide you've had enough of that kind of life, maybe it's time to make a change.

Organization is having a system for everything. By utilizing these systems, or routines, you manage to run a household, you manage to be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there, you manage to do everything that needs to be done and you manage to find the time to do the things you enjoy. The only way you can manage to do it all these days is if you are organized. And that means having a system. It's really the easy way out, but so few people seem to be able to grasp it.

With a little planning and personal ingenuity you can turn your life into a methodical system of well-orchestrated routines, always ready to meet the next challenge life has to offer. It sounds so simple, doesn't it? That's because it is. Being organized is truly the easy way out.

Organization must begin with an inward determination to break away from the standard state of confusion and disorder, to a simpler way of life. Since each individual, each situation and each circumstance is unique, so must your method of tackling each challenge take on its own distinctive flair. Your own creative genius will ultimately discover effectual shortcuts in handling these situations, each requiring a slightly different organizational procedure.

Self-discipline is the only required equipment you will need to make any necessary change in your life. As easy as that may sound, there is one minor challenge: Self-discipline is against man's nature.

Self-discipline is taming the inward "savage beast" of discontentment. Telling yourself you are happy despite any difficult circumstances you may encounter in life, appreciating what you have rather than constantly demanding more, living within your means and sticking to your personal standards are conditions that lead to sincere personal happiness. Each of these attributes requires self-discipline.

The more you develop self-discipline, the easier it becomes in all facets of every day life. Sheer determination and a continuous focus on the end result will become the ultimate factors in your acquisition of a life of near-perfection.

Perfection is an inaccessible goal, but making the most of what you have in the easiest, most efficient manner, comes pretty close to it. There is always room for improvement and there is always a simpler, better, and more efficient way of getting things done if you look hard enough to find it.

The closest thing to perfection any individual can hope for in this life is to be happy with yourself the way you are and to simply appreciate what you have.

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