Will My Doubts and Fears Affect My Child?

"Will my doubts and fears affect my child?" This father is concerned about his son, a high school athlete with a vision of playing professional sports. The father's fear is that his son won't be accepted into the 'right' college to be scouted by the professionals. He wanted to know:

How does your vibration, as a parent, affect your children?

Can your negative or low frequency vibration create resistance or prevent your child from attracting his or her desire?

How much influence do you have over your child's ability to attract something they desire?

What would you tell this father?

My answer was simple: "Your vibration affects your child to the degree that he allows it."

Now, you might think that the older the child, the stronger his or her vibration will be--that the parent's vibration would be less influential as the child matures. However, that is not necessarily so.

Another client told me about a camping trip that her family took last summer. Picture this: mother, father and 7 year old Janice are driving in the car, through a national forest, looking for a place to set up camp. Father is discouraged and making comments like, "We're not going to get a place to camp." Every time he said that, little Janice said, to herself, "We ARE going to get a camping spot." This went on for a couple of hours, as the family drove from one campsite to the next looking for an opening. Finally, Janice spoke up, rather defiantly: "Yes we ARE going to get a camping place. I just know it!" And at the very next campsite, there was a vacant site right close to the gate. My client said she was impressed with her daughter's ability to maintain her high vibration of expectancy, while a parent was vibrating such negativity.

I have three (almost four) grandchildren. One little fellow has displayed a true stubborn streak since he was a toddler. While his independence and self-determination are sometimes difficult to live with, I realize that he is exercising his right to not let other people set his vibration...oh, no! He has his mind made up and he's going to have his way--always! Could it be that he knows something that my generation is just learning? Maintain your own vibration! Not all children have developed the ability to maintain a positive vibration when their parent is vibrating fear or doubt. I was able to help the father, who recognized his own negative vibration, create a Focus Wheel. Together we came up with six or seven statements which allowed him to release his fears and raise his vibrational frequency. Statements like, "Even though most sports professionals are scouted at certain Universities, it IS possible to be scouted elsewhere." "My son has the ability to attract his desire." "The Universe knows the BEST way to bring about the fulfillment of my son's desire."

Perhaps you realize that your child, your partner or a friend is letting your vibration affect theirs and you'd like to have a more uplifting influence. Here are a couple of suggestions:

1. Learn about the Focus Wheel. Here are the instructions, a sample Focus Wheel and a blank Focus Wheel that you can begin using today.

2. Order the Law of Attraction Tools for Business 4-CD Series. Each CD focuses on a different Law of Attraction Tool and you can apply it to any aspect of your life or business. One CD is dedicated to the Focus Wheel--you'll really find it helpful to listen to Rebecca coach several students on creating a Focus Wheel to replace doubt and fear with believing, and faith in what they already KNOW to be true.

Here's the link to order this CD set:

Do you have a story that demonstrates how your vibration influenced a family member? Or how they stayed true to their desire until their desire came true? Email Rebecca with your story and you may read it here in the Museletter!

© Copyright 2004 Rebecca Hanson

Rebecca is leading a training course for Coaches, Therapists, Nurses and other Professionals who are ready to make a paradigm shift within themselves (a change from one way of thinking to another) to better serve their clients or patients.


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