Magnetic Energy and DNA

Magnetic energy has been in use for reducing pain and for normalizing body functions for hundreds of years. Recently a new technology has emerged that will move the magnetic healing fields in a new direction. This technology is called the Smart Magnet.

The Smart Magnet is an ingenious device, the size of a quarter, which has certain magnetic frequencies programmed into its magnetic pattern. The imprinted frequencies are designed to help a specific area of the body. When these magnets are held close to your skin your DNA picks up this magnetic energy.

The body needs energy to work and function. Usually, you don't give much thought about where this energy comes from other than knowing that you get your energy from foods you eat. There are two other energy sources that are critical for your survival ? sunlight and electromagnetic field energy.

The application of electromagnetic energy in our body is called the science of biophysics as compared to biochemistry. It is biophysics that explains how magnetic energy powers all chemical reactions in our body.

Your DNA must be fed good magnetic energy

It is critical that the DNA in your cells receive good magnetic energy so that it is able to instruct your genes on how to continually replenish, rebuild, replace, and rejuvenate all of your body cells.

Your DNA receive good magnetic energy from,

* the earth's magnetic field

* the sun

* the good or natural foods you eat

* other people that radiate a positive attitude

* your own body if it is in good health

* supplements that your body can assimilate

* supplements in ionic form or that are electrical charged

* external good magnetic energy from man made devices.

Bad magnetic that affects your DNA

Anything that interferes or alters the good DNA energy you have in your body can lead to premature aging, sickness, or terminal illnesses. When food is overly processed the magnetic energy of these food is complete eliminated. When you use electrical devices and appliance, these devices have electromagnetic energies and radiations that suppress or interfere with the good magnetic energy that exists and is used by your body.

Here is a small list of some of the devices that can interfere and suppress your body's electromagnetic energy.

* Microwaves

* Computers screens

* Televisions

* Cell phones

* All appliances

* High electrical tension wires

* High energy sources

* House wiring

Smart Magnets provide the body's need for good magnetic energy, since it is this energy that provides your DNA with energy and information. When Your DNA is fully charged with magnetic energy, it can give your genes the right information to build healthy cells. Failure for your body to rebuild itself will results in a distressed immune system. This failure will lead to premature aging and various unwanted disease symptoms, which later lead into chronic diseases.

When your DNA gets plenty of different, good, magnetic frequencies, it will rebuild your body according to these magnetic frequencies. These different frequencies come from eating a variety of raw food. Each food has it own frequency associated with it. It is these magnetic frequencies that activate and promote your DNA to perform its natural function of directing the genes to produce a healthy body.

Smart Magnets give you the added magnetic energy you need to jump-start your own internal power. When your internal power gets recharged, you won't need to use the smart magnets. But you will need to continue eating good charged food and protecting yourself from destructive magnetic energies.

Rudy Silva has a degree in Physics and is a Natural Nutritional Consultant. He has written ebooks on natural remedies and has a natural remedies newsletter. You can read more about Smart Magnets by going to his latest website

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