Cloning; is it for you?

What would it be like to have a clone? What would it be like to be a clone? If you end up cloning yourself you just might have the opportunity to find out what you might do in those shoes, but it takes about 16 years of times on the investment side until the new clone is viable enough and taught enough to perform up to your required ability to propel your goals.

As a new founded and more powerful family you may decide you want many of these clones to help. All this costing you, "the clonor" much money to pay for the raising of "Clonees." For instance feeding 20 clones of you might be quite a chore for 16 years, but at least unlike a US family unit you do not have to wait 9 months between so all 20 clones come to harvest at about the same time, imagine having 20 of you in your own small business or household? Chores would be a synch as you would only have to do 1/20 the work. This idea of cloning is similar I suppose to a wealthy Arab family with many wives. If one has 20 wives and 50-100 offspring then in three generations you have quite a number of related individuals, look at the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. Look at the Mormons, Brigham Young and Joseph Smith? Certain members of the clan now at the top of the food chain control vast numbers of Mormons in corporations, which serve the church or top family members. No one understood these dynamics as much a Howard Hughes who generally only hired the hard working, ethical Mormons at Hughes Aircraft. He used the corporation to employ the large families of others. In cloning it might be quite similar. I have witnessed great exploitation of Amish groups by one or two industrious Amish entrepreneurial individuals within their local sphere of influence. Using the religion as a basis to hold the group together then hiring them at low wages and reaping huge cost savings and benefits in the process. The Patrone method of farming in plantations also does this, we all know about the European history of the farming. We also know of the Southern US History where slaves where brought in to do the work. Cloning may in fact give incredible advances to the individuals doing the cloning and might also give a larger number of individuals in the family a greater degree of quality of life and wealth. More Braves and Indians with a similar goal to the fewer chiefs.

Cloning also may have some rather interesting side attributes and that is the entanglement of brains. The original copy would be on such a similar brain frequency as his/her clones that there would be possibilities for much non-verbal information flow. We know this happens in identical twins, so in cloning it could possibly be even greater, thus another advantage in a family business, sports team, military special force, politically aspired family. Those in current power would obviously like such and advantage and would prefer the rest not to have it so they can remain in control of their holdings and status. Additional lanes of travel would have to be made for those rising cloning families otherwise they would in fact run over the less conditioned and less cooperative groups or ruling families. It has not been thoroughly debated scientifically about the entangled brain theory, yet history has shown that cultures closely related to a few ancestors did achieve more faster in some respects yet if too close did have problems with inbreeding issues in many of the offspring. We definitely saw this in the Royal European Families with hemophilia conditions in past centuries. Everything is a compromise of course and we know the risks associated with cloning of imperfectness, yet we can also see the incredible advantages in the current socio-economic lifestyles of the free world. If identical twins are working in the same company, living in the way, eating the same food, then chances are they have a significant advantage over the rest of us.

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